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Impact Across the World of Work

We are a trusted partner in developing competence throughout working life.
Page updated 1.9.2023

Global Education Services

Turku UAS provides high-quality and flexible education, training and consulting services to the public as well as private sector organizations. We offer both customized and ready-made training packages to suit your needs. If you are looking for consulting to support the education reform at your institution you will benefit from our expertise. We also offer tailor-made courses and on-demand degree studies for student groups in higher education. 

At the core of all our activities is innovation pedagogy, Innopeda®, a unique pedagogical approach developed at Turku UAS. A pedagogic solution which corresponds to the needs of the future skills. Our clients include SMEs, industry representatives, consultants and educational institutions from early childhood education to higher education. 

Organizations can benefit from Innopeda® competencies based on international RDI work at Turku UAS, for example in staff training and development. 

Innopeda® integrates operations and education, including management, learning environments, information management, curriculum design, teaching, and learning in a transparent way.

Our Services and Products

Innopeda – Pedagogical Solutions Developed by Turku UAS

Innovation pedagogy offers you modern pedagogical skills, easy-to-use tools and methods, and Finnish style educational mindsets to cope in our fast-changing world.

Innopeda® Educational Visit in Finland

Innopeda® for Managers

Innopeda® for Teachers

Innopeda®  Certified School

Professional Development Services

In today’s ever-changing working life, it is important to keep skills and competencies up to date. 

At Turku UAS, we offer extensive services and training for organizations and professionals. Our experienced trainers and coaches assist you, whether you are interested in developing your own skills and competencies or those of your team.

Check out examples of our innovative services or contact us to discuss the right solutions for your organisation's needs.

On-demand degree studies and courses for student groups

Turku UAS offers a wide range of study possibilities for student groups, varying from short courses to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The courses are suitable for student groups in higher education with different backgrounds and needs.  
All our courses are taught by top experts of their fields, and they are carried out by applying the innovative and participative learning methods developed at Turku UAS. These methods enhance students’ individual, interpersonal and networking competencies, which are needed in their future working life.

Contact us to discuss more.

Here to Help You

Global Education Services and Innopeda

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Advisor, international Business
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Services in the field of Health and Well-being

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M.Sc., Senior Advisor
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