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Page updated 15.5.2024


EduCity has a central location on Kupittaa campus. It has been designed and built for the entire Turku UAS community to implement Turku UAS’ strategy and vision. The building features many facilities for group work, which enables the encounters of both staff and students and a new kind of learning according to the spirit of innopeda®. In addition to the shared learning facilities, EduCity has laboratory and special premises, a work environment for the staff and a hub of internal services, Service Centre. The restaurant and the first pub on the entire campus are located on the first floor.   

Visiting address and opening hours

Visiting address

Joukahaisenkatu 7 Accessible entrance via ICT-city (Joukahaisenkatu 3) from gateway to EduCity. For example, Google Street View provides you with a more detailed overview of the transit process in advance.


The Kupittaa campus map includes our campus building Medisiina D, ICT-City, EduCity and Lemppari.
By clicking on the image, it opens up bigger.

Opening hours

  • The info and customer service point is located on the first floor, near the Service Centre. The info services of EduCity will be accessible from 8:30–15:00. E-mail: aulapalvelu.educity@turkuamk.fi
    NOTE: The information point is closed on 16.5., 31.5., 7.6. and 10.6.
  • Main doors are open on weekdays Mon-Fri 7:30-18:30
  • The service requests for facility maintenance are filed through TUAS’ Service Desk (servicedesk@turkuamk.fi). 

How to get here


  • EduCity is located right next to Kupittaa railway station. Walking distance from the train station is approx. 200 metres.
  • Buses 32 and 42 go past EduCity (stop at Kupittaa railway station). Many other buses also have their routes within a short walking distance. See more details in the Föli Journey Planner.


  • ParkCity has opened a 10-story parking facility on Joukahaisenkatu at Kupittaa station. The facility has 990 parking spaces, 90 bicycle parking spaces and 20 electric car charging points. The parking system is the Aimo Park Easy camera identification system, in which the camera recognizes the registration number of your car and starts the parking automatically.
  • More information on the parking options in the area:
  • Aimo Park, ParkCity



Principles of the planning of EduCity:

  • Physically, digitally and socially accessible
  • Promotes well-being
  • Transparent and open
  • Project-based
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Permeated by art
  • Sustains the future
  • Developing and experimenting
  • Service-oriented
  • Shared and flexible.
Educity inside
Educity Taidon portaat

On-Campus Services

Turku UAS’ services in EduCity

The services of the building are mainly on the 1st floor, where the Info point, restaurant and pub are located.

In the Service Centre you can find UAS services that are open at least on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am-1pm. ICT service points serve every weekday from 10am to 1pm.

  • At 1031 Brand Desk, Turku UAS Communications Services
  • In the space 1032 Study Office and International Services, the Globe provide guidance in matters related to studies and internationalization.
  • In space 1033 ICT services, students
  • In space 1034 ICT services, staff
  • At 1035 Student Union Tuo Campus Store, where you can order textiles and various Tuo products with Turku UAS printing online.
  • Mode 1036 Student Union Tuo Customer Service Point
  • EduCity 2nd floor library service desk.


Wireless visitor network TUAS Guest

TUAS Guest visitor network is utilized at EduCity.

Restaurant services

The student and staff cafeteria Kisälli.

 Other services

Educity Campus, inside
Educity Campus, inside 2

On-Campus artworks


Art is intertwined with the everyday lives of those studying and working at EduCity. Artworks of KampusART arts programme have been placed in the indoor and outdoor premises of the campus building. They create recognizable scenes and increase the pleasantness of the building. The artworks are implemented by both professional artists and art students.

The Kupittaa campus arts programme is coordinated by Turku UAS Arts Academy, and it is implemented in cooperation by Turku UAS and Turku Technology Properties.

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Noora Schroderus Pique-Nique