Page updated 22.3.2019

Innovation Pedagogy – working life oriented learning

The needs of and the competence required by working life are changing. In addition to subject knowledge, future employees will need to master customer-centric thinking, creativity, cooperation skills and tolerance of diversity and uncertainty. Innovation pedagogy, developed at Turku University of Applied Sciences and also known as Innopeda®, responds to the current pressure for change and bridges the gap between studies and working life.

Innovation pedagogy is a learning approach that enhances the innovation competences of individuals and groups. It defines in a fresh way how information and knowledge is adopted, produced and used in a manner that generates innovations. Innovation pedagogy is based on experimenting, sharing of knowledge and expertise, and combining different viewpoints. Innovation pedagogy aims to improve students’ innovation competences by integrating teaching with research and development activities and collaboration with working life operators. This approach enables producing professional expertise that facilitates participation in the innovation processes of working life.