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Page updated 28.3.2024
TUAS library customers reading journals

Turku UAS Library Provides Services

Library services are primarily for Turku UAS students and staff.

Library offers high-quality information resources both at the libraries as well as online, and guides and helps in seeking information at the Turku University of Applied Sciences. The Head of Information Services is the head of the Turku UAS library.

Library has altogether four libraries on campuses situated in Turku (Kupittaa campus library, Lemppari and Kupittaa campus library, EduCity and Arts library Sigyn) and Salo.

Library in figures

TUAS Library key statistics in 2023:

Opening hours 150 hours per week (service + self-service)

60,500 / 81, 000 book titles / items 
97 current journal titles in print
2,414 sheet music titles
49,800 electronic journal titles
325,000 electronic book titles


33,700 loans and renewals per year

Campus library visits

64,400 visits per year

Web service visits
page and Finna search service visits

570,000 library web page and Finna search service visits

E-resource usage record views or searches 2,900,000 downloads, record views or searches
Information skills training

963 hours per year / 1753 credits

Open access

Turku UAS encourages towards open access publishing. Open access refers to having the publications permanently accessible online without any compensation. Open access is an activity of open science. Open science means the promotion of an open operating model in research. The key objective is, subject to the restrictions of research ethics and the juridical environment, to publish research results, research data and the methods used, so that they can be examined and used by any interested party. Read more on open science and research at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Library user regulations


Turku University of Applied Sciences Library and Information Services serve primarily Turku UAS students and staff, but the library is open to other customers as well. Using the library collections and facilities requires following these regulations.

Library card

Borrowing of library material requires a library card issued by the library of Turku University of Applied Sciences. The minimum age for receiving a library card is 15 years. Identification in the customer register is also required. Every customer has the right to check the information about him/herself in the customer register.

The library card is personal. The holder of the card is responsible for his/her card and the material borrowed with it. Immediately report loss of card to the Turku UAS library. After the library has received the report of a lost card, the customer is no longer responsible for material borrowed with the card in question. For replacement of the lost card, the customer receives a new one for a fee. 

Students' personal and contact details are updated into the library management system automatically through the student register (PEPPI).


The loan periods are announced in the campus libraries and on the website of the library. The loan time expires at the due date by the time the library closes. Exceptions to this rule (e.g. overnight loans) are announced at the campus libraries.

Loans are automatically renewed for 12 months as of the loan date unless there are reservations for them. After that loans must either be returned or renewed at the library.    

It is possible to reserve any material that can be borrowed. The library has the right to prioritise reservations by Turku UAS staff and students. The customer cannot reserve material that he/she has borrowed for him/herself. The library can temporarily or permanently limit the accessibility of any material that belongs to the collections.

Each customer has the right to see the information that has been saved in the library customer register concerning themselves.

Fees and compensations

Lending is free of charge. After the due date the library charges an overdue fine and charging costs. Forfeiting or damaging of library property must be compensated. The library has the right to charge for any other service except lending. List of fees and other charges are available at the campus libraries and on the website. The library is not responsible for any damage to customer's appliances caused by a borrowed material or recording.

Forfeiture of lending right

The customer may forfeit the lending right due to unpaid charges and compensations, or through infringement of library regulations. Disruptive behaviour at a campus library may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of lending rights. The library staff have the right to require the disruptive customer to leave the library premises.

Customer register

The library's customer register complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and is exclusively used in loan control. Register information will not be conveyed outside library (Privacy notice: processing the personal data of library patrons).

Other regulations

In addition to general library rules, some campus libraries may have their own specific rules in harmony with those above. All rules and regulations are public information and available in every campus library .

Price list

In effect from 13 January 2023.

The service prices are VAT free, excluding sale of printouts and services based on agreement. The campus libraries accept only card payments. The minimum amount to be charged is EUR 1. The fines you see in your Finna account, can be paid online via  Turku UAS Finna.

Overdue fines 

  • Fine for overdue loans EUR 0.30 per item per day
  • Fine for overdue loans of textbooks EUR 1 per item per day
  • Fine for overdue loans of overnight and weekend loans EUR 1 per item per hour starting after the library has been open for one full hour
  • The maximum overdue fine is EUR 10 per item for textbooks as well as overnight or weekend loans and EUR 6 per item for other materials.
  • The highest overdue fine charged at one time is EUR 50

A customer with unpaid fines of EUR 15 or more cannot take material out on loan until the fines are paid for.

Reservation fees and inter-campus loans

Reservation and inter-campus loans are free of charge.

Interlibrary loans

Interlibrary loans and photocopies from other libraries for private customers

For Turku University of Applied Sciences students and staff:

  • customers paying cash: from Finland: EUR 5 per item, from Scandinavia EUR 10 per item, from other countries: the cost determined by the delivering library, photocopies EUR 5 per article
  • customers who are invoiced: the cost determined by the delivering library

For other customers:

  • customers paying cash: from Finland EUR 15 per item, from Scandinavia EUR 20 per item, from other countries: the cost determined by the delivering library, photocopies: the cost determined by the delivering library.
  • customers who are invoiced: the cost determined by the delivering library, photocopies EUR 5 minimum

Interlibrary loans that have not been picked up will be charged fully.

Interlibrary loans and photocopies from the Turku UAS Library to other libraries

  • To libraries within the public administration in Finland: EUR 10 per item
  • To other libraries in Finland: EUR 20 per item
  • Abroad: EUR 20 per item
  • Articles EUR 10 per article

Interlibrary loans and photocopies for Universities of Applied Sciences are free of charge.

Information seeking

  • Information retrieval assignments for Turku UAS units and projects: by agreement

Training services

Information skills training and other customised training

  • Turku UAS units and projects: by agreement
  • Other units: by agreement

Introduction to library services

  • free of charge, agreement beforehand

Information skills and research training

  • free of charge, agreement beforehand

Other charges

  • Replacement of lost or damaged materials: The item can be replaced with an identical item, or the customer will be charged a replacement fee of EUR 60. The fee varies depending on the value of the item lost or damaged. When invoiced, processing charge of EUR 10 per invoice.
  • Printouts:
    • EUR 0.20 per page (inc. 24% vat) / black and white printout / EUR 1 minimum
    • EUR 0.50 per page (inc. 24% vat) / color printout / EUR 1 minimum
  • Library discards: EUR 1-5 per item, items with an exceptional value or items discarded from a special collection: a market price


Turku UAS publications are sold by Turku UAS publication services .