Page updated 19.12.2018

Open science and research

The objective of open science and research is that all information and knowledge produced by public funding is openly accessible within the limits of research ethics and legislation. The openness of operational culture enhances the quality, reliability, visibility and societal impact of research as well as promote cooperation and creation of new innovations. Ministry of Education and Culture (MINEDU) as well as many research funding authorities also require openness of research from higher education institutes.

Open RDI activities at TUAS

Universities of applied sciences carry out the practices of open science and research through open RDI operations.

Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) is committed to promoting the practices of open science and research: our RDI activity must be as open as possible and as closed as necessary. This means that RDI activities follow good data management methods, principles of research ethics, legislation as well as funding conditions and agreements applying to RDI operations. Confidential and sensitive information shall be protected, and the principles of data security and protection are followed.

The principles of open RDI activities at Turku University of Applied Sciences  (pdf) have been adopted through the decision by Vice Rector on 1 January 2017.

Open research data

During the research and development processes, different types of research data are used and gathered. The materials, methods and results produced in the RDI activities of TUAS shall be open access, unless otherwise agreed case-specifically e.g. due to the requirements of data protection or objectives relating to the commercialization of the data.

The principles of research data management at Turku University of Applied Sciences  (pdf) describes the principles and policies regarding the handling of material generated in research, development and innovation (RDI) activities.

Open access publishing

TUAS encourages towards open access publishing. Open access refers to having the publications permanently accessible online without any compensation. In the TUAS publication series and other publishing channels of TUAS , the focus is on open access publishing. The publications by TUAS staff members are self-archived if possible in the TUAS open access repository Theseus to be permanently available.

RDI environments and infrastructures at TUAS

The RDI environments and infrastructures form an essential part of the competence of universities of applied sciences. They support learning as well as research and innovation operations. You can find information on the RDI environments and infrastructures at TUAS on the service directory at TUAS website.