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Page updated 28.2.2024
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Communications Services for Media

Turku UAS’ Communications Office is here to serve you – no matter whether you represent the media, our cooperation partners, Turku UAS staff or students. We make expertise visible.

Find an expert

Turku UAS’ experts in different fields are at your service when you need their expertise in various themes. Contact information

You can also contact Commucation Office and we will lead you to the answers you seek.

Media releases


Logo of the Turku UAS

The logo of Turku University of Applied Sciences contains a yellow sun with black or white text. The logo is always used according to the graphic instructions of Turku UAS.

The logo has to be included in all the materials of the Turku UAS and its units. The logo must also be included in the materials of those projects where Turku UAS is a partner.

When using the logo, please note that:

  • the logo with black text is used on light background and the logo with white text is used on dark backgrounds
  • the logo shouldn't be used on yellow background as the sun would blend in with the background
  • the logo can be used on photos but the background should be calm so the logo will be readable
  • if the logo is used on any other than white background please use the png files that don't have a background color
  • the logo is used primarly only in Finnish but the bilingual (Finnish-English) version can be used within international context
  • the safety zone to be used around the logo is the hight of the letter T on the logo
  • you must not change the proportion between the text and the symbols
  • you must not add any other text to the logo

Finnish logo (primary use)

The png files are suitable for most digitals materials. The difference between the png and jpg files is that the png files don't have a backgorund color on the image. The pdf files are vector graphics and can be used e.g. in printed materials. There are two versions of the pdf files one for coated printing materials and one for uncoated printing materials. 

Finnish-English logo (can be used in international context)

Please contact Communications Office for more information: viestinta@turkuamk.fi

Online Magazine Talk


Online magazine Talk is an interactive forum that gathers the articles targeted at the professional audiences and interest groups of Turku University of Applied Sciences in one place.Talk consists of field-specific thematic magazines.