Page updated 22.5.2017
Bachelor of Business Administration, Professional Sales

Instructions for New Degree Students

  1. Confirm the study place by the given deadline.
    Applicants admitted by 30 June 2017 must confirm their study places by 14 July 2017 at 3 pm (+2 hrs GMT) and applicants admitted after 30 June 2017 must confirm their study places within 14 days of the results of the selections being made public. You can confirm the study place either electronically in the -service or by sending an e-mail to the Admissions Office. For more information on confirming the study place please visit .
  2. Enroll as absent or present for the academic year
    Students must enroll every academic year as present or absent. New student’s enrollment can be made only after the study place has been accepted bindingly. It is not possible to start the studies before the enrollment. You can enroll as absent for the academic year only for the following reasons:
    • If you are unable to begin your studies due to illness or disability and will be non-attending for one semester or the whole academic year.
    • Maternity leave, paternity leave or parental leave
    • Completion of military service, civilian service or voluntary military service for women in Finland.
  3. Deliver all the required documents by the given deadline.
    The study place is conditional until the polytechnic/ UAS has checked your school and other relevant certificates. Also the documents proving the legal grounds for the absence are required. If you have not delivered your certificates during the application period, you must deliver them by 14 July 2017 or within 14 days of the results of the selections being made public. TUAS may withdraw the admission, if you have given false information or do not deliver all the required documents by the deadline.
    Please read more information: Delivering the required documents to the Admissions Office
  4. Read practical instructions on starting the studies .


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You need to start looking for accommodation as soon as you have received information about being accepted to TUAS. You can apply for an apartment from the Turku Student Village Foundation . Read the instructions carefully, and remember that you have to submit your housing application no less than six weeks before the date you are about to move in.

International students

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Please visit also the website for new international degree students for further information on residence permit and insurance.

Health requirements

Turku University of Applied Sciences requires health documents from all the students who have lived / stayed in countries with high risk of tuberculosis. Documents have to be provided in the country where You are invited to study from. Please read the following documents for further information.
TUAS health requirements
Doctor's statement form

Residence permit

Students outside of EU and ETA countries need a residence permit or visa to study in Finland. Remember to start the application process immediately after you receive the letter of acceptance. If you are staying more than three months you need to apply for a residence permit through Finnish Migration Services. You can find the application procedure at .

Check also the residence permit info sheet .


If you are non-EU/EEA citizen, make sure you have a valid health insurance. TUAS has insurance against injuries during studies, but it does not cover leisure time accidents or eventual illness during your stay.

If you are EU/EEA citizen, you are entitled to all health care services in Finland if they are covered by health insurance in your own country. Ask for an European Health Insurance Card from your local authorities.