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Page updated 6.10.2020
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Before Arrival 

Once you have been accepted as an exchange student to Turku UAS, you can start preparing your study-abroad period.

Below you can find information about things you should take care of before your arrival to Finland. 

Read it through carefully!

Coronavirus info

Update 11.8.2020 

Instructions applied from 7 August, valid until the end of 2020

Turku University of Applied Sciences will move to a hybrid model of working starting from August. Safe activities on the campuses require responsible cooperation. It means that people come to the campuses only when they're completely healthy and that everyone takes care of good hand and coughing hygiene ( We try to maintain safe distances in all our operations.

You are only allowed to come to the campuses after 14 days in Finland and without any symptoms.

Instruction for travellers arriving in Finland 

Please read the updated information about travelling to Finland and coronavirus pandemic here

Please note that a student’s exchange and journey are not affected only by national decisions and regulations in Finland but also in the student’s home country and/or countries through which the student travels. Students are asked to closely monitor statements and guidance issued by their home countries’ public authorities, health officials and embassies, in order to receive timely information on matters related to travelling. 


Education at Turku UAS during the autumn 2020 semester 

Turku UAS teachers and staff are currently working to organise facilities, education and research in such a way that they meet the government regulations and the requirements of social distancing and that they allow the flexibility and agility needed to handle potential fallbacks in terms of the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Teaching is carried out as distance learning when possible and sensible in terms of functionality. This enables limiting the number of those simultaneously operating on the campuses and ensuring a safer operational environment for the students and staff.

Based on the current knowledge of the effects of the pandemic this may mean that  

  • a large part of our education can be offered online during the autumn semester 2020  

  • we will use blended course design, with learning activities mostly online but also some on location, to make sure that students are socially connected and that the international perspective and experience are embedded 

  • academic activities can be planned every day between 8.00-20.00, on all weekdays throughout the entire semester. 

Despite preparing very carefully for the autumn 2020, Tukru UAS cannot guarantee that all the courses will be offered as planned. There may be changes or even cancellations of the courses due to the COVID-19 situation.    

Services and student activities 

Regular student services will be provided at Turku UAS during the autumn semester 2020 circumstances permitting. The regulations concerning e.g. social distancing may, however, may affect some services on our campus (such as library and restaurant services). A possible new COVID-19 outbreak may also have an impact on student services available for exchange students (such as student union and association activities as well as CampusSport activities).  

Student residences in Turku have their own guidelines concerning the COVID-19 situation. There may be limited services at the residences (related to e.g. housing office hours, recreational activities and saunas). 

Student insurance 

We will do our very best in order to offer a good and safe study environment. Exchange students will be required to comply with the guidelines imposed by the Finnish authorities, as well as any additional rules or guidelines prescribed by the Finnish government and/or Turku UAS. Before making any arrangements regarding the exchange at Turku UAS, students are recommended to make sure that their insurance cover is comprehensive, including crisis cover. 

Required Health Documents

Student Health Care Center requires all the students who have lived / stayed in countries with high risk of tuberculosis  for more than 3 months to provide the following health documents.

Documents have to be provided in the country where you are invited to study from.
The documents must be filled in English.

Please send the documents to the following address by post before your arrival to Turku UAS:
Student Health Care Center
Hämeenkatu 10, 4th floor
20500 Turku

It is strongly recommended that You send the required Health Documents before your arrivalPlease note that Student Health Care is closed on 18 June - 19 July 2020.

More information:
Student Health Care / Public Health Nurse Anne Viskari
Turku Welfare Division
e-mail: anne.viskari(at)
Tel. +358406821024


Insurance and student health care

Health care

EU nationals and citizens of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein who possess a European health care card, and citizens of Quebec:

  • You have the same benefits as TUAS degree students
  • Request for the European Health Insurance card from your home country and take the card with you to Finland

Students from other countries:

You are eligible for health nurses services. For doctors appoitment you need to use a private health care centers. You need to have health care insurance covering your medical expenses as required to achieve the residence permit to Finland (see below).


  • TUAS has taken out an accident insurance for incoming exchange students. The insurance covers accidents occured during student’s course curriculum and direct travel between the university campus and place of accommodation.
  • TUAS strongly recommends all the exchange students to take out a comprehensive insurance (health, travel, accommodation) for their exchange period.

Students from outside EU member states and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland

  • To achieve a residence permit to Finland you need to have a private insurance to cover your medical and pharmaceutical expenses. More information at Finnish Immigration Service MIGRI 

Residence permit and visa

Students outside of EU and ETA countries need a residence permit or visa to study in Finland. Remember to start the application process immediately after you receive the letter of acceptance.

Finnish Immigration Service's instructions for exchange students

If you are staying maximum of 90 days you might need a visa. Check the Finland Foreign Affairs Ministry's country specific list for required travelling documents.

Residence permit
If you are staying more than three months you need to apply for a residence permit through Finnish Migration Services. You can find the application procedure at
Remember to apply for the Finnish Personal Identity Code together with the residence permit. More information here.

Arrival Information

Arrival Form
It is very important that we know the exact date and time of your arrival so that your student tutor can meet you when you arrive in Turku. 
NB! You are expected to arrive in Turku on a working day (Mon-Fri) between 8:00 and 22:00. This way your student tutor is most likely to be able to help you with your arrival. Please note that you should inform your arrival time to Turku (airport, bus or train station) or Salo.

Submit information concerning your arrival by filling in the arrival form at least two weeks before your arrival:

Travelling to Turku and Salo
Find out more about the best ways to travel to Turku and Salo at  How to Find Us .


Orientations are held at the start of the semester. All the orientation days are mandatory for new exchange students. During the orientation you will receive all the necessary information regarding your studies at TUAS as well as some useful tips for your exchange life in Turku / Salo.

General orientation is held by the International Student Services and is aimed for all the TUAS incoming exchange students. The general orientation includes presentations of the practical matters (accommodation, starting package, online systems) as well as student organizations and about the Finnish culture. The exchange students will receive in the general orientation the official documents from TUAS (study certificate, username and password for computer systems and meal subsidy card).

Each TUAS faculty holds their own faculty orientation where the faculty and the courses will be introduced to the exchange students.

See the orientation dates on the right.

Student tutors

Student tutors are TUAS degree students who are interested in meeting people from different cultures. 

You don't have to apply for a student tutor, all the exchange students who have applied to TUAS by the dead line, will be assigned a tutor.

Your student tutor will meet you when you arrive and help you with practical matters at the beginning of your stay in Finland. She/he will contact you by email before your arrival; please remeber to also check your junk e-mail folder as sometimes messages can be automatically directed there. Please respond to your tutor as soon as possible and always keep her/him informed on your situation. If you for some reason do not hear from your tutor, please contact the International Student Services (exchange.students[a]

Your student tutor will also keep you informed about any free time activities with other TUAS students.

Please note that your student tutor is most likely to be able to help you with your arrival if you arrive during weekdays between 8.00-22.00.

Starting package

Starting package in Turku

The student unions of the universities in Turku (TYY, ÅAS), the student union of the Novia University of Applied Sciences (Novium), and the Turku University of Applied Science (TUAS) run a starting package storage where exchange students can borrow a package with household items which they then return before they leave Turku.

Using your own laptop in the studies

Along with e.g. different cloud services, Turku University of Applied Sciences will increasingly require students to have their own laptops during schooldays.

What kind of computer do I need?

Read the general instructions for acquiring a computer on IT Services page . Your degree programme recommends acquiring at least basic/high-quality basic/an efficient device.

Student Life

We are sure that you will be pleased with your decision to come to Turku and TUAS. During your curriculum you will learn the latest know-how available on your field of study, and on your leisure time you will be able to join the various activities organised for exchange students.

Services for students  

Living in Turku  (e.g. living costs)


  • You home university has nominated you as an exchange student to TUAS
  • You have applied to TUAS through Mobility Online and uploaded all the required application documents
  • TUAS has accepted your application and sent you the letter of acceptance via email
  • You have applied for accommodation  
    • Students coming to Turku: You have applied housing from the Student Village Foundation (TYS) and from Retrodorm  
    • If these housing options are full, check other possibilities at  
  • NON-EU students: You have applied for a residence permit or visa
  • You have taken out a comprehensive insurance (health, travel, accommodation) for your exchange period
  • You have sent the Health Documents to the Student Health Care center (If they are required from you, please see Required Health Documents above for more details)
  • You have filled in the online arrival form (see above "Arrival information")
  • You have been in contact with your student tutor and informed him/her about
    • your arrival (date, time and place)
    • your accommodation and key pick-up
    • if you want to rent a starting package
    • any changes to your original plans