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Page updated 1.3.2023

Business studies for those receiving temporary protection | 40 ECTS credits

The training offers you the possibility to complete 35–40 ECTS of core competence studies in business administration. The studies are intended for those receiving temporary protection in Finland. (See more detailed admission criteria at Studyinfo.fi). 

The studies are full-time and held at Turku UAS Kupittaa campus. The instruction language is English and the studies require knowledge of English at least on the proficiency level B1. A person who has completed the studies can utilize them in a higher education institution either in Finland or abroad. 

The studies are first-year studies in the Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Administration:

Curricula (in total. 35-40 credits):

Spring semester 2023:

Basics of Business Administration, 15 credits

Workplace Communication, 5 credits

Information management in an Enterprise, 5 op

Autumn semester 2023:

Personalized business studies 15-20 credits

(Please note: 1 credits = 27 hours of student’s work)

Duration and workload: approx. 1 year / 35-40 ECTS credits

Starting time: 24 January 2023. More information is sent to accepted students.

Study fees: Free of charge

Read information in Finnish.

How to apply?

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