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Page updated 15.10.2021

New Student's Guide

Congratulations for your new study place and welcome to study in Turku UAS!

On this page you'll find basic information that you will need both before starting the studies and at the beginning of the studies. More detailed information about studies and student services you'll get during your first days of studies. 

Remember also to read the degree programme specific instructions for starting the studies on the Starting the studies page.

Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku UAS) is an inspiring community of 10,000 members – an innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution, which creates international competitiveness and well-being for Southwest Finland. Our community comprises of around 9000 students and 700 staff members. We offer education in four different fields, in over 70 degree programmes. Our three campuses are located in Turku and Salo. Welcome to study with us!

Confirming the study place and starting the studies

Read the instructions on how to confirm your study place, register for the academic year and submit the required documents the General Instructions page.

You can find the starting dates of the studies, information on the campuses and instructions for activating the user ID and using your own laptop on Starting the Studies page.

Accommodation and living in Turku

If you need an apartment in Turku, you need to start looking for accommodation as soon as you have received information about being accepted to Turku UAS. You can apply for an apartment from the . Read the instructions carefully, and remember that you have to submit your housing application no less than six weeks before the date you are about to move in.

Turku is the city of 40,000 students and six higher education institutions. Read more about living and studying in Turku: turku.fi/studyinturku.

In the beginning of academic year there will be a Study in Turku fair where the new students will be introduced to the services and hobby opportunities of the City of Turku, local companies and associations, and student organizations.

Read also the brochure about public transport for students.



Living and studying in Salo

TUAS campus in Salo is located in the Salo IoT Campus.

Please read about housing and leisure time on the city of Salo website. 

See also Accommodation in Salo brochure for the housing options. Remember to contact the accommodation providers well in advance, to ensure that you have a room here in Salo. 

International Students

Coming from abroad during coronavirus epidemic

The students arriving from abroad shall comply with the quarantine instructions provided by the authorities before arriving at any of the campuses. As for travel restrictions from your specific home country, please check the updated national guidelines on our government and Finnish Border guard webpages:

Restrictions during the coronavirus epidemic

The instructions of the Finnish Border Guard to passengers regarding entry to Finland

Read also the updating information about preparing for the coronavirus at Turku University of Applied Sciences

Tuition fee

If you are required to pay tuition fee, your admission is conditional until you have paid the tuition fee or get exemption from it. You cannot register for the academic year before you have paid the whole tuition fee.

Residence permit

Non-EU/EEA students need a student residence permit when they stay in Finland mor ethan 3 months.

Start the application process for residence permit immediately when you have received information of admission because the process can take several months. You can begin the student residence permit application process online at Enterfinland.fi. Remember that you must personally visit a Finnish embassy or a consulate as a part of this process. Please note that you must attach the bank statement of the completed tuition fee payment to the residence permit application also. 

Start your residence permit process as soon as possible, carefully following the immigration authorities' instructions and regulations, so that you can receive your permit in good time before your studies begin!  

You can find detailed information and advice on the residence permit requirements and procedures on the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) website. Please follow the Finnish Immigration Service’s Corona page for further updates.  

Please note that the Finnish Immigration Service does not necessarily grant a residence permit for TUAS’ Master School studies, as there are only two contact lesson days per month. In case the residence permit is not granted, the student may apply for a travel visa for the contact lesson days.


If you are non-EU/EEA citizen, make sure you have a valid health insurance. TUAS has insurance against injuries during studies, but it does not cover leisure time accidents or eventual illness during your stay. You are also required to have health insurance before applying for a residence permit for studies. You can, for instance, look into the following insurance providers which offer international health insurances for students:

If you are EU/EEA citizen, you are entitled to all health care services in Finland if they are covered by health insurance in your own country. Ask for an European Health Insurance Card from your local authorities.

Moving to Finland

You must make a notification of move to The Digital and Population Data Services Agency if you are moving to Finland permanently or living in a new address takes more than three months. Read more on the

In addition, a foreign citizen living in Finland needs to and then he/she receives a personal identity code. The personal identity code is used especially in the activities and information systems of the authorities. Also Turku UAS needs your personal identity code for the student register. Please contact the as soon as you have it.

Student certificates

The notification of autumn 2021 joint application results is sent to all applicants on 26 November 2021 by email from Studyinfo.fi. Email is the official acceptance letter that you can use for example when applying for student housing. You can find the result letter by logging in to the My Studyinfo service of from your email. Also the email notification that you have received immediately from Studyinfo when you are accepted is sufficient for housing application for example.

After 1 January 2022 you can upload an official study certificate and transcript of records yourself from the Peppi system. You can find the documents in Peppi student's desktop by selecting "Orders" in the navigation bar.

  1. Select the document that you want to order.
  2. Select the language and order.
  3. After ordering, you can find and upload the document on the Documents page.
  4. Do not change the name of the file! The file must be original so it can be validated as original.

If for some reason you do not receive a study certificate as a self-service from Peppi, you can also after 1 January 2022 order a study certificate by e-mail from the Student Office. Please note that student certificates for public transport student discounts are available the first day of the studies at the earliest.

If you need a confirmation from Turku UAS to a form, please fill in your personal information in it first and send to the Student Office. Write in the email that you are a new student and which degree programme yo have been accepted to.

Obligatory student healthcare fee

Students who study for a bachelor’s or a master’s level degree are entitled to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS) and must pay a student healthcare fee to Kela. No bill will be sent on the healthcare fee, and thus you have to pay the fee on your own initiative. 

How to pay the healthcare fee in higher education.

Read more about the services of YTHS.

Student Union TUO

The student union of the Turku University of Applied Sciences – TUO is the student’s home in TUAS, the one organization that takes care of your interest as a student. Student union is a group of students from all faculties which creates a better university environment day.

Student Union is here to help you if you have any questions or problems concerning your studies. TUO organizes different kind of events during the year from which one example is TUO's legendary freshman party KNB that wishes all new students welcome to Turku University of Applied Sciences! All of our activity and events are done by students in TUO-community. TUO-community is available for everyone. Join in TUO-community here!

The identifier of TUO’s membership is the student card. With it, you get discounts on public transportation (VR, Matkahuolto, Föli) and Kela’s meal subsidy – and also countless discounts in different businesses all around Turku and Finland. TUO is religiously and politically neutral and independent from trade unions.


Read the Student Union's brochure for new students!


More info: https://opiskelijakunta.net/en/


The higher education institutions in Turku provide together a wide range of sport opportunities to their students. 

By paying the CampusSport sports fee, you get to access the following services:

– Five different gyms
– Almost 100 hours instructed sports classes weekly
– Over 30 hours ball sports shifts weekly


The right to use the CampusSport services can be bought either for the academic year, for a semester or for the summer. 

Academic year: students 73 EUR, staff 97 EUR
Semester (autumn or spring): students 48 EUR, staff 61 EUR

A value added tax of 10% is included in the sports fee.

The right to use the sport services can be bought at the online store of CampusSport. TUAS user ID and password are required. It is not possible to pay the sports fee by cash or card at the sports facilities.

Read more about CampusSport!

Student discounts

If you decide not to become a member of the Student Union, you will get a Kela meal subsidy card in the beginning of the studies. You qualify for the meal subsidy at the student restaurant by presenting a valid student card (digital student cards also accepted) or a Kela meal subsidy card. You can also upload the student card in Tuudo mobile application.

If you upload the Tuudo mobile application and activate the digital student card, you can have the student discounts for public transportation from the first day of your studies.

Recognition of studies and competence

You can apply for the recognition of skills acquired earlier or elsewhere (AHOT) if the skills correspond to the objectives and content of the learning plan. Such competence may have been acquired through university studies, other studies, working life, leisure time or hobbies, for example. 

Recognition as part of the degree is essentially related to the student’s ISP. The starting point is reviewing competence in relation to the competence objectives of the higher education degree. 

When applying for recognition, you must prove the level, extent and content of the studies or competence with a certificate and other reliable documents (e.g. course descriptions), for example. Recognition of competence takes place through competence demonstration. 

Students apply for recognition of prior studies (except for JOO studies or studies completed through Campus Online) with Peppi’s AHOT function. Before filling in an application, it is important to understand what substitution and inclusion mean. 

Before filling in the application, you must always consult your degree programme’s guidance staff to ensure the application is completed correctly. If the competence has been acquired elsewhere than in studies (e.g. work experience), its recognition is applied for directly from the teacher. Even in this case, it is a good idea to first have a conversation with the tutor teacher or Study Counsellor so that you know who you are contacting. 

The decision on the recognition of prior studies is made by the Head of Education and Research or a person appointed by them. A student who is dissatisfied with a decision on the recognition of prior studies may request rectification in writing from the decision maker and then from the Examining Board within 14 days of becoming aware of the decision.

Recognition of competence takes place through competence demonstration, which is agreed with the teacher responsible for the course or the Head of Education and Research or a person appointed by them.

A student who is dissatisfied with the assessment of the recognition of competence may request for rectification from the teacher who has made the assessment and then from the Examining Board within 14 days of becoming aware of the decision.  

More information on recognition of studies and competence will be told in group initiation sessions. You can find more comprehensive instructions in Messi.

Planning the studies and guidance

At the beginning of studies you create yourself an Individual Study Plan (ISP) based on the curriculum. Your studies include a lot of compulsory studies but in your ISP you can also include spesialization studies and elective studies according to your own interests. Your tutor teacher will help you in creating the ISP.

Information on accreditation of previous studies and competence is perhaps given already in the info letter of your degree programme  and you will have more information about it in the begining of your studies. You can also ask more about accreditation from your tutor teacher.

The tutor teacher will familiarize you with the studies and study environment and will support you througout your studies. The tutor teacher will provide information on the planning of studies, current issues and support measures related to the studies.

The peer tutor is a student who has started his/her studies earlier and will help you during the first year of studies. Peer tutors know their way around the campus and TUAS and they know where to look for more information.

With the study councellor you can disscuss the progress of your studies and possible problems or perhaps your career plans, especially if you have significant problems in your studies: problems with reading, returning to the studies after being absent, crisis situations in life, problems related to your study group and/or mental/physical adversities.

The study advisers working in the Student Office can advise you for example about the right to study, study records and graduation. You can also get study related documents from the Student Office.

IT Services

IT Services can help you if you have difficulties with user ID, Turku UAS IT devices or systems.

Read more about IT Services in the website.

Library and Information Services

In Turku UAS library you can get the material needed for studying and support for searching information.

Read more about the services on the library's website and in the Welcome to the library article.

Messi - TUAS intranet

Messi is the intranet of Turku UAS and it contains all important information on issues related to studying. You can login to Messi with the Turku UAS network user ID when you have activated it. You are expected to follow especially the front page of Messi regularly every week because the important news for students are mainly announced there.

You can find information in Messi for example on: