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Page updated 10.11.2022

Master School

Masters create the future

Turku UAS Master School produces experts to develop their own fields and renew working life. From Master School, students graduate with a university of applied sciences Master’s degree. The degree provides the students an opportunity to develop as managers and deepen their expertise together with working life. You can also complete a Master’s degree flexibly while working full-time.

Open the door to a new kind of professional career development and start creating your future!

Choose your expert path

Expertise comes in many forms. That is why at Turku UAS Master School, you get to develop your expertise in a way that best suits your own career path.

The Master’s degrees are divided in two expert paths: in the School of Leadership Excellence, you develop into an expert in supervisor and management work, and in the School of Professional Excellence, you deepen your expertise. The prior education requirement for both paths is an earlier higher education degree.

School of Leadership Excellence

  • The School of  Leadership Excellence provides you an opportunity to develop as a leader and manager.
  • The education is suitable both for experts aiming at manager positions and those who have worked in said positions for a long time. 
  • During the studies, you get to focus on management from the perspective of your own field. 
  • You tackle the challenges of management work and get to know the operating environments of the future. 
  • You gain abilities to work in demanding management tasks and create new networks in working life. 
  • You develop and renew working life throughout your studies.

School of Professional Excellence

  • The School of Professional Excellence offers you an opportunity to develop your current competence to a demanding expert level. 
  • During the studies, you will learn to perceive your strengths as an expert and tackle the challenges in your own field of specialization. 
  • You will gain tools for progressing in your career.
  • You also have the opportunity to network with experts from other fields. 
  • You create new knowledge for your own field of specialization and develop working life throughout your studies.

Become a student

Application to Master’s degree programmes takes place in the joint application. There are two joint application periods per year: in the spring and autumn. In the degree programmes in the joint application in the spring, the studies start in the autumn, and in terms of degree programmes in the joint application in the autumn, the studies start in January. Get to know the instructions on applying. 

Turku UAS Master School degree programmes conducted in English

In the joint application in the spring 4–18 Januray 2023, you can apply for the following Master’s degree programmes conducted in English 

School of Leadership Excellence

School of Professional Excellence


Note! The Leadership Excellence degree programmes leading to a Master of Business Administration degree are aimed at professionals in the fields of business administration, engineering, culture, social services and health care and other fields. In the Leadership Excellence programmes, you develop as a leader and manager, independent from the field.


Master School in Finnish

Turku UAS Master School degree programmes conducted in Finnish

School of Leadership Excellence

Education aimed at everyone (no field-specific prior education requirement)

Master of Business Administration

  • Project Management 
  • Management of Social and Health Services and Business 
  • Leadership in Arts and Culture

Field-specific education (limited requirement of prior education)

  • Master of Engineering, Technological Competence Management 
  • Master of Social Services and Health Care,Development and Management in Social and Health Care
  • Master of Business Administration, Technological Competence Management


School of Professional Excellence

Master of Culture and Arts

  • Creative Well-being 
  • Cultural and Media Entrepreneurship
  • Contemporary Contexts of Arts 

Master of Social Services and Health Care

  • Advanced Social Counselling 
  • Gerontological Expertise 
  • ACP, Advanced Clinical Practice (the focus of the programme’s content varies yearly)
  • Creative Well-being
  • Integration of Rehabilitation and Physical Activity
  • Health Promotion
  • Health Informatics
  • research group studies 

Master of Business Administration

  • Business Development 
  • Software Engineering and ICT 
  • research group studies 

Master of Engineering

  • Distributed Energy Systems 
  • Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
  • Mechanical and Marine Engineering 
  • Software Engineering and ICT 
  • Construction 
  • Health Informatics 
  • research group studies