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Page updated 12.10.2020
Master of Business Administration, Service Design

Master of Business Administration, Service Design

The Master’s Degree Programme in Service Design conforms the constantly growing competence requirements and needs in design, businesses and working life. The profile of the programme is on the combination of design thinking, business and society and the focus is on the area of service design. 

The degree programme in Service Design is a practically oriented programme meant for holders of a Bachelor's or other higher education degree who want to expand their knowledge about service design and acquire skills and competences needed as a business leader or manager. 

The Master's Degree Programme in Service Design is part of Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku UAS) Master School and its School of Leadership Excellence. Turku UAS Master School brings together all Turku UAS' Masters' degree programmes in the fields of Business, Culture, Healthcare and Social Services, and Technology. It gives the students a great chance to create new networks with other experts beyond fields, both in Finland and globally.

Entry requirement to the Master's degree programme is a minimum of two years’ relevant work experience gained after a suitable higher education degree. (See the detailed eligibility criteria in Studyinfo.fi.)

The students applying with other than Bachelor of Business Administration degree can choose to graduate accordingly. For example, the students with a Bachelor of Engineering background have the option to graduate as Master of Engineering (60 ECTS credits).

Turku UAS Master School - flexible study opportunities in a multi-professional environment

At Turku UAS Master School you'll study a master's degree in a flexible way. The studies can be completed while working full-time and from anywhere in Finland. The programme is built on mixed-mode studies including lectures, seminars, e-learning, team-work and independent work. There are on average 2 days of contact sessions monthly.

Turku UAS Master School brings together all Master's students in the fields of Business, Culture, Healthcare and Social Services, and Technology. During the studies you can create new networks with other experts beyond fields of study. As a Turku UAS Master School student you'll also have access to Turku UAS' broad international network of higher education institutions that enables internationalisation during the studies as well.

In the degree programme of Service Design an international learning environment will be realized by students and teachers having an international background and experience. Different professional and cultural backgrounds of the students create a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The degree programme in Service Design is planned and organised in a multi- professional way in collaboration with Novia UAS and Turku UAS, which gives the students even more possibilites to create networks with experts of their own and other fields.

Skills in Service Design and Leadership

The planned duration of the Master's degree programme in Service Design (90 ECTS) is 2 years. The studies are planned to be completed alongside working. The Master studies consist of compulsory core competence studies (40 ECTS), elective complementary competence studies (20 ECTS) and Master's thesis (30 ECTS).

The core competence studies include studies in research methods and future operating environments that are common to all students in the Master School and its School of Leadership. The rest of the compulsory studies deepen the insight specific to each programme. Students may further deepen or expand their competences by choosing elective courses from the other Master School programmes. 

The aim of the Service Design studies is to develop and deepen the student's service design skills and competences: the student will gain practical and holistic understanding of service design in order to be able to successfully apply service design in practice. In the leadership studies the student develops his/her managerial profile as a motivating and effective leader who achieves results and change by managing people ethically and who renews and develops the organisation based on appropriate methods and research data. 

A central part of the Master's studies is the Master’s thesis. The thesis work is carried out as a working life oriented development project. The thesis will not only develop your knowledge and skills in a certain study field and specific topic but also gives you the possibility to enhance your skills of leading teams and work groups.

You create the future: Master School graduates are reformers of the working life

After graduating you've created new knowledge and reformed the working life with your Master's thesis. Your networks have expanded both in Finland and globally. You've also developed your expertise and got the tools to advance in your career. 

As a graduate from the degree programme in Service Design you'll have the expertise to work with demanding service design tasks and managerial duties. The degree programme also gives you an insight in starting or developing your own business.

Apply in Joint Application

Joint application means that you can apply to up to six study programmes with one application form. These six options may include degree programmes from one or several different higher education institutions in Finland. The next joint application period for this degree programme is

  • joint application in spring 7 - 20 January 2021 (application period has ended)

Applications are submitted through the national online application portal studyinfo.fi (in Finnish Opintopolku). The students are selected based on school performance, SAT test or entrance examination. Selection methods are explained in more detail on the Admission Criteria page. 

Apply to Path Studies (Open UAS)

You can apply to Turku UAS also through open UAS. The path studies consist of the first year of studies (30 ECTS credits) of the Master’s degree, and the studies are completed in the same group with the degree students. Studying in Open UAS is subject to a charge.

The path studies don't lead to a degree but after having successfully completed the studies, you can apply as a degree student through Open Studies separate application. After that, you can continue the studies seamlessly until graduation.

Next application period for path studies is

  • application period in summer 26 July - 6 August 2021 (studies start in Autumn 2021)

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