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Page updated 21.1.2022
Student between shelves in TUAS library

Your Best Starting Point Is Finna

Start searching with Turku UAS Finna search service. Turku UAS Finna is available anywhere on the internet.

Turku UAS Finna contains information on all materials offered to you by Turku UAS Library: the printed resources, e-resources, theses and e-theses. You can search all Turku UAS printed books and journals, ebooks, e-journals, databases and other materials with one stop search. Also, you can browse databases and journals by subject.

Some of the e-resources found in Turku UAS Finna are only available for Turku UAS staff and students. You can access these resources on Turku UAS campus using Turku UAS network and outside the Turku UAS network with your Turku UAS user ID.

You can access most of the electronic resources in campus libraries, even if you are not a Turku UAS student or staff. See more information on the user rights of licensed electronic resources.

Search theses with Theseus

Theseus database contains electronic theses in full text from Turku UAS and all other universities of applied sciences in Finland.

Theseus is available anywhere on the internet.

One stop search for Turku UAS theses

Most of the Turku UAS theses are available online in electronic full text at Theseus database. All other theses can be loaned from the Turku UAS campus libraries.

You can find information on all the Turku UAS theses and e-theses completed using Turku UAS Finna search service.

Search higher education library materials using national Finna.fi search service

You can search all Finnish higher education library collections using national Finna.fi search service.

Finna.fi contains information on freely available material of the Finnish libraries, museums and archives.


Make use of Turku UAS Information and Research Guides

In Turku UAS  Information and Research Guides , you can find the essential information resources by subject and useful tips and instructions for information seeking and using electronic resources. Make use of the guides in studying, teaching and researching!