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Page updated 7.10.2020

Salo IoT Campus

Turku UAS Salo is located at the Salo IoT Campus, a community of companies, scientists and educational institutions. The Salo campus of Turku UAS hosts students in the degree programmes in business administration, social services and nursing. The campus is a part of Salo IoT Campus, which is a community of companies, researchers and educational institutes, building a technologically smarter future. The campus hosts both IoT trailblazers and leading business service providers.

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  • Joensuunkatu 7, 24100 Salo

Opening hours

  • The main entrance of Salo IoT Campus is open at 8-16 on working days.
  • Janitorial and lobby services are available on opening hours. Contact information:  lobby services

For Visitors

  • Salo IoT Campus is located close to the Salo city centre. The walking distance from the railway station is approximately 1.2 km and from the bus station approximately 900 m. 


Turku UAS' Services at Salo IoT Campus

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Salo IoT Campus


  • Parking on designated parking spots at the end facing Myllyojankatu. Parking permits can be obtained from the lobby services, when necessary.

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Salo IoT Campus


Salo IoT Campus