Page updated 31.12.2019

Studying at TUAS Open Studies

Turku University of Applied Sciences offers Open Studies courses that are individual, fee-charging courses open for everyone regardless of education and age.

For who?

Open Studies are targeted at those

  • who wish to improve the know-how required in working life
  • plan on applying to a higher education institution
  • who wish to improve general knowledge on topics according to own interest.

Open Studies are not full-time and do not lead to a degree – it is therefore not possible to get a long-term student residence permit based on Open Studies. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

TUAS degree students cannot take courses offered via Open Studies.

What Can You Study at Open Studies?

  • Individual Courses (avg. 5 ECTS/course) – a student attends courses alongside degree students during daytime; also available evening and online courses; EUR 15/ECTS
  • Open Studies Path Once you have completed 55 ECTS credits as path studies or as individual courses, you can apply for a study place in a Bachelor’s degree programme, or after having completed 10/15 credits in a Master’s degree programme; EUR 200/semester
  • ’Higher Education Diplomas’ (60 ECTS) – Non-degree diploma, duration 1-2 years, functions as an introduction to a specific field; EUR 400/academic year (NB! In Finnish only)

Please note that studies require attendance in Turku, Finland. Attending is not posible via Skype. See the course details to learn more about the attendance requirements. Online courses are offered through CampusOnline.

Please note that most of the individual courses offered are conducted only in Finnish. In order to enrol to these courses you must be able to communicate in Finnish orally and verbally.


For individual courses, you may fill in the online enrolment sheet. In order to select the courses, check our  Course Selection page (page available only in Finnish). By clicking the name of the course, you can find a link to all the details such as the implementation details ("tutustu") and a link for enrolling to the course ("ilmoittaudu").

Enrolment is possible only for courses listed in the course selection. Attendance to courses can not be compromised with the teacher nor can you attend to courses found straight from TUAS Study Guide.

Open Studies students assist the same courses as the degree students so therefore there is a limited number of places for the Open Studies students. All the courses available to degree students are not offered for Open UAS students. Acceptance to some courses may require previously gained knowledge, but these requirements you find in the course descriptions. Apart from Master level courses, you do not need a previous degree or a diploma for the enrolment. If you enrol to a Master level course, please fill in your former degree in the enrolment sheet.

Course cancellation policy

In case you choose to cancel your enrolment for a course, you must fill in the cancellation  form , We do NOT accept cancellations by informing a teacher, student services, or any other member of our staff.

Cancellation Fees 
No Fee: if you cancel at least 7 days before the starting date of the course
Administrative Fee EUR 50: if you cancel within 7 days of the starting date of the course
Whole Course Fee EUR 15 / ECTS: if cancellation occurs on or after the starting date of the course

Cancellation due to illness
If you fall ill prior or during the course, we will waive your course fee if 
a) your illness lasts so long that the successful completion of the course is no longer possible (the teacher will decide if that's the case) and
b) you have a doctor's note that states the length of your sick leave

Benefits for Open Studies student

Open Studies students cannot receive student aid granted by the government, nor may receive student discounts. However, unemployed students (over 25 years old) may apply for unemployment benefit for their studies. Open Studies will provide you with the necessary transcripts and sign TE Services forms upon request. More information: Independent study supported by unemployment benefit .

In addition, for those in working life, The Education Fund supports employees by granting them financial assistance (Adult Education Allowance). More information: the education fund

Course grading

Course grading at Turku University of Applied Sciences is based on oral and written examinations, exercises, and other performances. ECTS grading is comparable to the TUAS grading system.

ECTS grading uses the scale F– A, TUAS grades on a scale from 0–5.
The grades are as follows:

A                          excellent            5

B                          good                  4

C                          good                  3

D                          satisfactory        2

E                          satisfactory        1

pass                     H

F/FX                    fail                       0

European Credit System and Recognition of Open Studies courses in higher education

After the completion of your open studies, you will receive a transcript of records (with ECTS and grades). TUAS uses ECTS credits measuring workload in courses.

One ECTS credit is equal to 27 hours of student work. 60 ECTS credits are equal to one academic year of study. Open studies courses may be accredited to you future higher education degree in Finland.


Invoices are sent by post in February, May and September or October.

Path studies' tuition fee is paid through en e-form, which requires a Finnish bank account. The link to e-form is sent to the student e-mail address. If you are a path student and do not have Finnish bank account, please contact us for a paper version of the invoice.

In case you have lost your invoice, please contact  Sarastia customer service . Please note that they can only send you a copy of the invoice! All other matters and issues related to your invoice you should address to the Open Studies e-mail address. Sarastia cannot reimburse, void or change any details of your invoice.

IT Systems and Support

User ID and Password

You can register your user account or reset your password at if you have Finnish bank or mobile authentication. If you do not have Finnish bank or mobile authentication, you need to visit student services at Joukahaisenkatu 3, 20520 Turku in order to get new user account or reset your password. Be prepared to verify your identity.

More information 

ServiceDesk - IT Support System

If you encounter a problem that hinders your studying, you have questions regarding IT-services or you want to give feedback, check instructions on Service Desk and e-mail to

TUAS Email Account for Students

Turku University of Applied Sciences offers students the organization’s e-mail address at Microsoft Office 365 service: firstname.lastname ( at )

Office 365 services include OneDrive, a personal storage for saving, sharing and jointly editing files; Skype for Business, IM and online meeting services and Yammer, a joint discussion forum for TUAS’ staff and students.

Optima - the Online Study Environment

Students log in to the Optima environment using their user ID and password. In case you have no access, first contact the teacher. There might be a minor delay between your enrolment for the course and possibility to get access to the workspace in Optima.