Page updated 5.4.2018

Frequently asked questions

How do I enrol to the Open Unviersity of Applied Sciences?

For individual courses you may fill the online enrolment sheet here. The application deadline is two (2) weeks before the course begins. Binding registrations are made by filling in the registration form. Available places will be filled in the order of registration.

If you wish to enrol in the path study program please contact the office of TUAS Open University of Applied Sciences for admission timetable by calling +358 50 5985 515 or +358 44 9074 999 or sending an email to avoinamk[at]

How long does one course at the Open University of Applied Sciences last?

One course at the Open University of Applied Sciences usually lasts from three to four months, but studying is not full-time and does not lead to a degree or vocational qualification.

Do studies require attendance at the University?

Yes,studies often contain contact lessions and require attendance in Turku, Finland. Please see the course details to learn more about the attendance requirements.

Do I need  a visa or a residence permit?

International students may need a visa or residence permit for Open Studies, depending on their citizenship. It is difficult to get these permits only for Open Studies, which are not leading to a degree. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

How do I proceed as a degree student?

Students can gain eligibility to apply for a Bachelor’s degree if they have completed at least 55 ECTS credits of studies at Open UAS that are applicable in the degree programme.

Applicants are eligible for applying for a Master’s degree if they have an applicable degree from a higher education institution and three years of work experience. In addition, the applicants are required to have completed at least 10 ECTS credits of the studies leading to a Master’s degree that are 60 ECTS credits in extent, or 15 ECTS credits of the studies leading to a Master’s degree that are 90 ECTS credits in extent.

For more information please visit our website.