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Page updated 3.5.2024

Studying at Turku UAS Open UAS

Turku University of Applied Sciences offers Open Studies courses open for everyone regardless of education and age.

Please read through the instructions on this page before enrolling or applying.

If you are a new path student, please be sure to have a look at our instructions for new path students.


Frequently asked questions

Who are Open UAS studies for?

Open UAS offers Open studies for everyone, regardless of age or background. 

Open studies are a great fit for you if you wish to deepen your knowledge or learn new skills. Open UAS offers options for those who like to learn new things as a hobby, as well as for those who are aiming for a new Bachelor's or Master's degree.

Turku UAS degree students cannot take Open UAS courses. If you are a degree student at Turku UAS, please enroll on Peppi.

There are Open studies options available in both Finnish and in English. In general, a knowledge of the language of instruction at level B1 or above is recommended to participate in higher education studies. 

If you are currently located outside of Finland, please note that studies at Open UAS do not lead to a degree – it is therefore not possible to get a long-term student residence permit based on Open Studies. For further information, please visit the Finnish Immigration Services website on  Studying in Finland.

What can I study at Open UAS?

Open UAS offers studies from nearly all fields at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Open studies include courses and study modules from Bachelor's degree programmes and from our Master School programmes. You cannot complete a degree at Open UAS. 

  • Individual Open UAS courses are available on Ella Eduplan service
    • All courses open for enrolment are listed on the website linked above. You can change the language of the Ella Eduplan website on the righthand upper corner.
    • On the Opintotarjonta website, click on TUTUSTU to find out more about the course. For more information on course contents, please contact the teacher. Turku UAS staff e-mails are always firstname.lastname@turkuamk.fi. Click on ILMOITTAUDU to enroll. 
  • Our larger study modules include Diplomas of Higher Education and Expert Training modules. For a list of modules available in English, have a look at our Open UAS front page. For a more comprehensive list, including study options in Finnish, have a look here: Korkeakouludiplomit ja osaajakoulutukset.
  • Open UAS path studies are a pathway to a degree. For more information, see our path studies website and the ABCs of applying to path studies.

Are there eligibility criteria for studies at Open UAS?

There are no eligibility criteria for individual courses on Bachelor's degree level.

There can, however, be prior learning requirements for some courses. Please be sure to check the course information carefully for prior knowledge required to take part.

To enroll on individual Master School courses, you must have a previously completed higher education degree (Bachelor's level or above). 

There may be eligibility criteria for Diplomas of Higher Education and Expert Training modules, as well as for Open UAS path studies. Information on eligibility criteria is always provided alongside application or enrolment instructions.

For more information on eligibility criteria for Open UAS path studies, please check out the ABCs of applying to path studies.

Please also note that you must have sufficient language skills to take part in Open UAS studies. Generally, language skills at level B1 or above are recommended for participating in higher education. Some study options may have specific language skill requirements.

How much do Open UAS studies cost?

Open UAS studies are subject to a study fee. Here are some examples:

  • Individual courses: 15 € per ECTS credit
  • Path studies in a Bachelor's level programme, one year: 400 €
  • Path studies in a Master's level programme, one year: 300 €
  • Diploma of Higher Education studies or Open UAS Expert training: 12 € per ECTS credit

The study fee is paid for a right to complete a set number of studies within a certain time period. The study fee is not dependent on how many credits you actually complete, and Open UAS will not return a portion of your study fee if you do not complete all the studies you enroll for.

For more details, please see our cancellation policy below.

If a study module or course is free of charge, or the study fee differs from those described above, the information will be available on the enrolment or application form.

Here's how study fees are paid:

  • If you enroll on an individual course, you will receive a payment link by e-mail. Your enrolment will be binding after the study fee is paid. 
  • If you enroll for or apply to a larger study module (diploma of higher education, expert training or path studies), you will pay the study fee in one payment at the start of your studies. We will send you e-mail instructions for paying the fee. Depending on the sum of the study fee, you may be given the option to pay in two instalments.

In addition to study fees, there may be costs related to materials used during your studies.

Open UAS study fees are personal, and we do not offer business invoicing. If you need a receipt of your study fee, please contact Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. Please also get in touch with any problems or questions regarding study fees.

What is it like to study at Open UAS?

Teaching and attendance

  • Open UAS students participate in courses and modules included in our degree programmes, usually alongside degree students.
  • Open studies include contact teaching, teaching at daytime or in the evenings. Some course may be conducted fully online, some even with no set schedules. 
  • If you are enrolled on a course or study module with contact teaching, your attendance is required on campus. It is generally not possible to attend contact teaching online. A single absence is usually not a problem, but your teacher may require extra work to make up for it.
  • Open studies learning goals, contents, teaching methods and requirements are the same as those of degree studies. This means that participating on a course or study module through Open UAS will not be any more flexible in terms of attendance or learning goals.

Learning and what is required

  • Open studies are higher education studies. This means that you are required to show initiative, you must possess information seeking skills, and you are expected to be capable of long-span work. Open studies may include both independent and directed learning, as well as group work.
  • Studies at Turku UAS Open UAS are focused on the practical, working life oriented side of learning, but you should be able to embrace new theoretical knowledge too. As an Open UAS student, you are responsible for ensuring that you have sufficient prior knowledge to take part in Open studies. If you have questions concerning prior learning requirements, grading, or learning goals, please contact your teacher. 

What equiment or materials do I need for Open studies?

Materials used vary from course to course, and some learning materials may be online. To participate in Open studies, you should have a computer. For contact teaching, a laptop is required. 

Studies at Turku UAS do not generally require purchase of learning materials or books. Open UAS students have access to Turku UAS library services. 

How and when do I enroll?

To enrol on individual Open Studies courses, please check out Ella Eduplan service .

  • Once you have enrolled, you will receive an e-mail with a payment link.
  • Your enrolment is binding once you have paid the study fee
  • If the course you have enrolled on is already full, you will be notified by e-mail.

Please note that enrolment is only possible as described above. You cannot enroll by e.g. sending an e-mail to a teacher.

Larger study modules, such as path studies and Diplomas of Higher Education, are applied to separately. Applications usually take place twice a year. For more information, have a look at the following websites:


How do I get a transcript of studies or a certificate?

During your studies, you can download a transcript of your studies from the student information system Peppi. You will find documents avaialble to download on the right hand side of the top navigation bar, under Orders.

  1. Click on the document you want to download
  2. Select the language of the document and click on Order
  3. Navigate to the Documents tab to view the document you have ordered and download it on your own device.

After completing studies at Open UAS, you will find a transcript of your studies on the national My Studyinfo -service. From My Studyinfo, you can also share your attainments to your employer or a higher education institution. 

If you have trouble accessing your attainments, or if you need another document of your studies, please contact avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. 

A certificate of a completed diploma of higher education or expert training module

If you've completed all the studies in a higher education diploma (min. 60 ECTS) or expert training module (min. 30 ECTS), you can apply for an electronic certificate of your studies.

Before submitting the e-form, please make sure that all your studies have been graded on our student information system Peppi. Your attainments will be checked before a certificate is granted.
Please note that your Open UAS study right will be ended if your certificate is granted.

Processing your application will take about two weeks. Processing times may be longer during summer and winter holiday seasons.

Once your certificate has been awarded, you will receive an e-mail that contains a link for downloading the electronic certificate. The link will be valid for 2 weeks. Please be sure to check your spam folder as well.

If you have any questions concerning transcripts of certificates, please get in touch with Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. 

How are Open studies graded?

Course grading at Turku University of Applied Sciences is based on oral and written examinations, exercises, and other performances.

Turku UAS uses ECTS credits measuring workload in courses.

One ECTS credit is equal to 27 hours of student work. 60 ECTS credits are equal to one academic year of study. Open studies courses may be accredited to you future higher education degree in Finland.

ECTS grading uses the scale F– A, Turku UAS grades on a scale from 0–5.
The grades are as follows:

A excellent 5
B good 4
C good 3
D satisfactory 2
E satisfactory 1
  pass H
F/FX fail 0



Important information on Open studies

Discontinuing Open UAS studies and cancellation policy

Cancelling enrolment on an individual course

Enrolment on individual courses is binding after the study fee has been paid. Open UAS will not return your study fee even if you do not attend.

If you have to cancel your enrolment after the course has started, please be sure to inform the teacher of the course in question. If you would also like for your study right to be terminated, contact Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. 

Cancelling study right for a larger study module

If you need to cancel your study right for Open UAS path studies, diplomas of higher education, expert training or other larger study module, you can do so by submitting a cancellation form:

You will receive an e-mail confirmation once the e-form has been processed. Please only submit the form once.

Please note Open UAS study rights for path studies, diplomas of higher education or expert training can only be discontinued by filling out and submitting the cancellation form linked above. Telling or e-maling your teacher, study guidance counselor or other member of staff is not sufficient. 

Please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy before filling out the e-form. 

Open UAS cancellation policy

Studies at Turku UAS Open UAS can be cancelled in the ways described above. Open UAS study fees concern a right to complete a set amount of studies within a defined time period. The study fee is not dependent on the amount of credits you actually complete, and will not be refunded if you do not complete the studies you applied to or enrolled for.

Please note that cancellation fees do not apply to Open UAS studies that are free of charge. 

Cancellation policy, individual courses

  • Enrolment on individual courses is binding after the study fee has been paid. Open UAS will not return your study fee even if you do not attend the course.
  • Study fees for individual courses will be refunded if the course is cancelled by Turku UAS. Changes to teaching shcedules are not grounds for a refund.

Cancellation policy, larger study modules applied to on Sudyinfo.fi

  • Accepting an Open UAS study place on Studyinfo.fi is binding. If you cancel your studies according to the instructions above after accepting a study place on Studyinfo.fi before the study fee payment deadline, you will be sent an invoice for a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is half the amount of the study fee for the Open UAS studies in question. 
  • Open UAS will not refund a paid study fee after the study fee payment deadline, even if you discontinue your studies. If you discontinue your studies before the study fee payment deadline, Open UAS will refund half of the study fee amount. The retained half is the amount of the cancellation fee.
  • Payment of the Open UAS study fee is required for participation in Open UAS studies. If you do not pay your study fee, your study right will be discontinued and you will be sent an invoice for a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is half the amount of the study fee for the Open UAS studies in question. You may apply to have your study right reinstated within the duration of the original study right. Your study right can be reinstated if you pay the full amount of your study fee, i.e. the cancellation fee and the remaining half.
  • Decisions by other officials, e.g. the Finnish TE office, are not grounds for a free-of-charge cancellation.

Cancellation policy, studies that began before March 1st, 2024

  • If your studies began before March 1st, 2024: If you do not complete your study fee payment by the given deadline, Open UAS will cancel your study right and send you an invoice for the cancellation fee (half the sum of the study fee).
  • If your studies began on March 1st, 2024 or later: If you do not complete your study fee payment by the given deadline, Open UAS will cancel your study right and send you an invoice for the study fee in full price.

Cancelling Open UAS studies due to illness

If you have to cancel your study right because you fall ill or are otherwise prevented from participating in studies due to your health or abilities, please do as follows:

  • Individual courses: contact Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi for instructions.
  • Larger study modules: attach a copy of a doctor's certificate on your cancellation form.

If you submit a doctor's certificate that clearly demonstrates that you cannot participate in Open UAS studies at all, Open UAS will refund your study fee. No cancellation fee will be charged if you must cancel your studies due to an illness or other such factor that completely prevents you from studying. 

Free Open studies for Turku UAS alumni

Turku UAS Alumni, i.e. those who have completed a degree at Turku University of Applied Sciences can participate in Open studies free of charge. 

The right to study free of charge is valid during the semester you graduated, and for four consecutive semesters after. 

The right to study free of charge only concerns:

  • Individual Open UAS courses
  • Diplomas of Higher Education
  • Expert Training modules

The right to study free of charge does not concern Open UAS path studies. 

You can become an alum by registering on the  Alumni Relations website. Registering is free of charge. By registering as an alumn, you will receive current information on the alumni activities of Turku UAS.

I am an alum, how do I enroll or apply?

  • Enrolling on individual courses: Please select the enrolment option Enrolment for studies, Turku UAS alumni on the enrolment form.
  • Applying for larger study modules: tick the box concerning alumni status on the application form.

Open UAS will check that you have graduated from Turku UAS, and your graduation date.

Please note that the right to study free of charge does not mean that you are automatically admitted to the studies. The enrolment quotas of the courses and the admission criteria for the Higher Education Diplomas also concern Turku UAS alumni.

CampusSport services available for all Open UAS students

CampusSport services are available to all Turku UAS Open UAS students, whether you are enrolled on an individual course or path studies. As a Turku UAS Open UAS student, you can use all CampusSport services at student prices.

All this is offered by CampusSport:

  • Five gyms 
  • Nearly 100 hours of instructed exercise classes weekly
  • Over 30 hours ball sports weekly 
  • Intensive courses with separate fees
  • Competitions and tournaments
  • Personal trainer services, massage, nutritional counseling, sports equipment lending, benefits offered by cooperation partners
  • Just for fun shifts and sports buddies (free of charge for all students and staff members)

The right to use the CampusSport services can be bought either for the academic year (1 Sep 2022 – 30 Apr 2023), for a semester (1 Sep – 31 Dec 2022 or 2 Jan – 30 Apr 2023), for 30 days or for the summer. The sports fee covers instructed classes, ball sports shifts and the use of gyms.

You can login to CampusSport’s online store store and reservation system with your Turku UAS user ID (HAKA-login). 

More information about the sports services: https://www.campussport.fi/en/ .

Open studies as a TE office client

If you have any questions concerning unemployment benefits during Open UAS studies, please contact your TE office or Kuntakokeilu. If you are a TE office or Kuntakokeilu client, please be sure to discuss the studies you plan to take with your TE office contact person before enrolling or applying.

If you need documents for the TE office, you can request them from Open UAS by e-mail at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. Please note that most documents can only be delivered after you have enrolled or accepted a study place.

  • TEM621 or KK621 forms: please request the form by e-mail from avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. The form can be filled once you have enrolled or accepted a study place on Studyinfo.fi. 
  • Study certificates: please request a study certificate by e-mail from avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. Study certificates can only be issued once you have an active study right.
  • If you need other documents, please contact Open UAS by e-mail. 

By law, Turku UAS is obligated to provide information to government officials concerning e.g. studies at Open UAS. Any forms or certificates are delivered electronically. 

Please note that our cancellation policy will apply even if TE office denies benefits for the studies you enrolled or applied for. 






Instructions for students enrolled on individual Open Studies courses

When your enrolment on an individual course is complete, you will receive e-mail instructions for getting started with your studies. If for some reason you haven't received this e-mail, please get in touch with Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. For some quick tips on how to get started, see the instructions below. 

User ID, MFA and password

Activate your Turku UAS user ID

Open UAS students need a user ID to access Turku UAS systems. The user ID becomes available within a few business days of your enrolment being completed.

Please activate your user ID at  https://id.turkuamk.fi . You can log in to the service with Finnish online banking credentials or mobile ID. If you encounter problems with activating your user ID, please contact servicedesk@turkuamk.fi.

With the user ID, you can log in to e.g.

  • the online learning environment itslearning
  • students’ mobile app Tuudo
  • Turku UAS intranet
  • shared computers and email

Turku University of Applied Sciences user IDs require multi-factor authentication (MFA). Please register MFA after activating your user ID. Read the instructions at https://www.tuas.fi/mfa .

Forgotten your password?

  • Forgotten passwords can be reset in ID TUAS service
  • Finnish bank credentials or mobile certificate are required resetting the password. If you do not have acces to Finnish online banking services, please contact servicedesk[at]turkuamk.fi for help with resetting your password.

How do I find my nonstop course?

If you enrolled on one of our nonstop online courses, you will find the course on our itslearning learning environment.

Begin by activating your user ID and MFA, then log on to islearning at turkuamk.itslearning.com. Choose "log in with HAKA" to enter your Turku UAS credentials.

Your nonstop online course material will be available on the start page on itslearning.

Please note that you will be able to activate your user ID within a few business days of your enrolment being accepted. If you have any issues, please be sure to contact Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. 

Where do I find my course timetable?

Each course has its own code which consists of a numbers and/or letters, e.g. MM0000-0001. You will have received this code in the e-mail confirming your enrolment. With the code, you can search for specific information on the course on Study search, and create a timetable for your studies on Lukkarikone.

Check teaching dates and times of your course on Study search (Koulutushaku)

Course information is available on Study searchWith your course code, you can check the course contents, as well as teaching times and dates on Study search. 

  • On Study search, enter the course code in the window " Search for studies" at the top of the page and click Search.
  • A list of courses will open. Some of the courses might have similar names. Based on the course name and specific code, select the course you have enrolled for.

On Study search, you will find information on the campus, the specific location and dates and times of teaching, the number of ECTS credits awarded, and the duration of the course. The enrolment period on on Study search applies to degree students only. 

See your course timetable on Lukkarikone

On Lukkarikone , you can search for one or several courses and create a personalised timetable of all your Open UAS courses.

  1. Feed a course code or several in the Search field under STUDY IMPLEMENTATIONS.
  2. Add the course in the STUDY BASKET by clicking on the blue button.
  3. Once you have searched and added all the courses you need, click on the “View schedule” button in the STUDY BASKET. Y
  4. ou can save the schedule if you have already activated your Turku UAS user ID. If the classroom field is empty, the course is implemented online or the room has not been booked yet. The schedule can also change before the start of the course or during it.

What to do if you can't find information on when and where teaching takes place

If you cannot find teaching times or dates on either Study search or Lukkarikone, please contact the teacher of your course. If you cannot reach your teacher, please contact Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. 

Turku UAS Systems and Support

ServiceDesk - IT Support System

If you encounter a problem that hinders your studying, you have questions regarding IT-services or you want to give feedback, check instructions on Service Desk and e-mail to servicedesk@turkuamk.fi.

Turku UAS Email Account for Students

Turku University of Applied Sciences offers students the organization’s e-mail address at Microsoft Office 365 service: firstname.lastname ( at ) edu.turkuamk.fi

Office 365 services include OneDrive, a personal storage for saving, sharing and jointly editing files; Skype for Business, IM and online meeting services and Yammer, a joint discussion forum for Turku UAS’ staff and students.


If your course includes online studying, it is likely that the teaching materials will be on itslearning, our online learning environment.

After activating your Turku UAS account, you can log into Itslearning at https://turkuamk.itslearning.com/

If you can not find the course you have enrolled to in the online learning environment, please contact your teacher.


Tuudo combines the student services in one app: course timetables, completed courses, student cafeterias and campus maps. Downloading the app does not require activation of Turku UAS’ user IDs. The app is available in the Google Play store and App Store.