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Studying at Open UAS

How do I enrol for courses? What are your course fees? What is your cancellation policy? Take a (free!) tour in all things Open Studies and find answers to all of your burning questions. If your don't find what you are looking for here, don't hesitate to contact us!

Course Selection and Enrolment for Individual Courses

Is Open Studies Like an Open University?

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Yes and no. Open Studies is not an independent university like in most countries. Rather, Open Studies simply means that you will attend the same courses as degree students but you will be charged a fee for it. Hence the name 'open studies' - they are open for all.

As it stands, you cannot graduate from Open Studies or receive a diploma nor a degree of any kind. You will receive a transcript of records (with ECTS and grades) for all the courses you have completed. Once you enrol as a degree student in Finland, you can submit an 'accreditation request', which means you can replace degree courses with the courses you completed via Open Studies. So in essence, you can skip on a few courses when you are a degree student!

What Can I Study at Open Studies?

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Our Course Selection includes a limited number of courses taught in English. You will find our Course Selection by clicking the button of the same name on our front page. It's in Finnish, though, so you will need assistance of a translation app or two. Don't worry, it's quite simple! We are working hard on delivering our course search engine in English, too. We hope you'll be patient with us and learn a few Finnish phrases while you wait! It'll be worth it...

Do You Have Night or Online Courses?

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Yes, but only a very limited number. Most of our courses are taught during the day, from 8am to 4pm. 

How Do I Enrol to the Open Unviersity of Applied Sciences?

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For individual courses you may fill the online enrolment sheet here. By clicking the Course Selection box, you will find a list of courses. Click the name of the course you wish to enrol to and you will see important information such as application deadlines and how the course is implemented, such as 'online', 'evening studies' or 'day studies'. Unfortunately, at the moment the Course Selection page is in Finnish only! We are working hard for a more internationally suited solution. Meanwhile, an online translation app (we can't name names...) should be helpful.

Once you know what you want to study, just type the name of the course and your contact information on the form and we will process your enrolment.  

Available places will be filled in the order of registration. Please note that we have a limited number of Open Studies places for courses.

The Course Has Already Started, Can I Still Join?

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Yes, if the teacher gives you permission to enrol for the course late. Please contact our Study Adviser first, s/he will consult the teacher on whether to accept or reject your enrolment application.

Do I Need a Prior Degree or Experience to Enrol?

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No, our courses are free for all. Some courses may require previous knowledge or experience in using a specific software etc, but these requirements are specifically mentioned in the course description. But none of our courses require a previous degree or a diploma for enrolment (except for Master's level courses).

What Is the Average Course Duration?

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One course usually lasts from three to four months.

Do Studies Require Attendance in Turku?

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Yes, studies often contain contact lessions and require attendance in Turku, Finland. Please see the course details to learn more about the attendance requirements.

How Are Courses Graded?

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Studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences are graded on the basis of oral and written examinations, exercises, and other performances. Accepted studies are graded on a scale of excellent (5), good (4–3), and satisfactory (2–1), or pass/fail.

Certificate and Transcript of Records

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After a student of the Open University of Applied Sciences has completed a course, he/she will receive a written document of the course upon request from the Open Studies' Study Advisor.

I Have Questions About the Content of the Course...

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All questions related to the contents of course should be addressed to the teacher him/herself. Open Studies does not, unfortunately, know much about what goes on during the course. We just make sure you get there!

I am a Degree Student at TUAS, can I enrol to courses with Open Studies?

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No. A TUAS degree student cannot enrol to courses via Open Studies. Sorry!

Do I Need a Visa or a Residence Permit?

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International students may need a visa or residence permit for Open Studies, depending on their citizenship. It is difficult to get these permits only for Open Studies, which are not leading to a degree. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Fees and Billing

What Are Your Course Fees?

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TUAS Open University of Applied Sciences has a course fee of EUR 15 / ECTS.

You can also choose a tuition fee of EUR 200 per semester. If you choose the tuition fee, you cannot change it after the payment has been made

When Do I Get My Bill? What Do I Do if I Got the Wrong Bill or I Lost It?

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Our billing is carried out four (4) times per year, which means you may have to wait a while before you get yours (but don't worry, you will get it.). In such a case that you need the bill right away or soon-ish, please contact us for a billing request. 

If you have received a bill, which you believe is sent to the wrong person, or you want to contest and void the bill, or receive reimbursement, please contact our Study Advisor. 

In case you have lost your bill, please contact Taitoa Customer Service . Please note that they can only send you a copy of the bill! All other matters and issues related to your bill (or lack thereof) must be addressed to the Open Studies Study Advisor. Taitoa cannot reimburse, void or change any details of your bill.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

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In case you choose to cancel your enrolment for a course, you will need to do so via our cancellation form , available on our website. Cancellations by informing a teacher, student office, or any other member of our staff will not be accepted.

Cancellation Fees 

No Fee: cancellation deadline is at least 7 days prior to the beginning of the course
Administrative Fee, 50 euros: cancellation deadline is within 7 days of the beginning of the course
Whole Course Fee (15 eur / ECTS): cancellation occurs on or after the start date of the course

Cancellation due to illness:

If you fall ill prior or during the course, we will waive your course fee if a) your illness lasts so long that the successful completion of the course is no longer possible (the teacher will decide if that's the case) and b) you have a doctor's note that states the length of your sick leave.

IT Systems and Support

User ID and Password

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Existing user account is needed to be able to use TUAS IT systems. Personal user account is created for all students based on studentregister

User account can be registed at You must user Finnish bank or mobile authentication.

Lost password can be resetted at You must user Finnish bank or mobile authentication.

If you dont have Finnish bank or mobile authentication, you need to personally visit student offices or office of TUAS Open University of Applied Sciences at Joukahaisenkatu 3 A, 2nd floor, 20520 Turku to get new user account. Be prepared to verify your identity.

More information can be found at 

Optima - the Online Study Environment

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At TUAS, web instruction and studies in a virtual environment are applied for in different ways. Usually a web learning environment such as Discendum Optima is used in web instruction. Students log in to the Optima environment using their user ID and password.

In case the teacher uses the Optima environment during a course, students need to have access to the workspace in Optima. In some cases you need to ask for the name of the workspace from the teacher and then contact the Open University of Applied Sciences office in order to access Optima.

Access Control Token

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As the IT classrooms of TUAS are usually locked, the student needs an access control token in order to access the facilities. Access control tokens are personal. Whenever there is evidence of abuse, the access rights will either be limited for a prescribed time or fully revoked. Facilities must be vacated at the latest by the time announced on the bulletin board of the unit. In case a token is lost, the porter (vahtimestari) of the facilities must be immediately notified.

In case you need an access control token, please contact the Open University of Applied Sciences office. The token must be returned to the student office once you have finished your studies at TUAS. In case the token is not returned, you will be sent an invoice for 50 euros.

ServiceDesk - IT Support System

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TUAS has a Service Desk service in questions relating to IT. Users can receive support for IT equipment and software within the facilities of TUAS. The support also covers the University of Applied Sciences' IT systems and applications, such as usernames, printing services, centralised virus protection, the wireless local area network Sparknet, etc. The support does not cover users’ own personal computers and applications!

You can contact the Service Desk system by email at servicedesk[at] The email should always state the name of the sender, contact information (email address and/or telephone number), urgency/priority, the object of the request, the University of Applied Sciences unit (the location specified in more detail) and a clear description of the problem.

TUAS Email Account for Students

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Students of the Open University of Applied Sciences can also receive a TUAS email address.

Path Studies

Can I Apply for an Extension?

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Yes, all Path Students can apply for an extension to their studies, either for 6 or 12 months. Contact us and we will email you the form. Fill and sign it and email it back to us and we will forward it to the approrpiate Head of Education and Research, who either accepts or rejects your application for an extension. 

I am a Degree Student at TUAS, can I Apply for a Path Study Place?

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Yes, but you cannot be registreted for two study places at once, therefore you have to give up your current study place in order to accept a path study place. Choose wisely!

TE Services Is Requesting me to Provide Information on my Studies, What Should I do?

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If you are unemployed and a customer of TE Services, you may have to provide TE Services documents and transcripts regarding your studies at TUAS. Open Studies will provide you with the necessary transcripts and sign the requested TE Services forms. 

However, Open Studies (or TUAS) cannot answer any questions related to your unemployment status, benefits or other such issues - we can only provide you with transcripts and signed forms.

TUAS, by law, is obligated to hand over any information regarding your studies at TUAS to the authorities, such as TE Services when such information is necessary for them to perform their work tasks. You cannot prevent nor deny TUAS from exercising its legal obligations. 

Am I Entitled to Student Health Care?

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