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Page updated 13.8.2021

The ABCs of Path Studies

Are path studies suitable for me?

Were you left without a study place? Did joint application go by? Path studies are a route to degree studies. Path studies consist of the first year studies of a certain degree programme which are completed along with the degree students. The extent of the path studies is approximately 60 credits in Bachelor's studies and approximately 30 credits in Master's studies. Apart from the online study programme, path studies require attendance in Turku, Finland.

Degrees can not be completed in path studies. Based on credits and success in studies it is possible to apply via Open UAS separate application to degree studies and continue the studying seamlessly till graduation. As a path student you belong to the student community and can take part to student life.

Please read through the FAQ -sections in this page before submitting the application to path studies.

There are few points to consider before you apply:

  • How do I plan to fund my studies?
  • How am I going to combine work and full-time studies?
  •  Are my study skills sufficient for studying in level of university of applied sciences?
  • Do I have time for studying? Am I able to be present in the course lectures when required?

Application instructions and schedules

Application instructions

The application period to path studies is in the summer and at the end of the year. The studies begin from the next semester (e.g. application period in the summer->studies begin in the autumn). Please check the next application period from the path studies' mainpage.

The application is submitted in Studyinfo (www.studyinfo.fi) during the application period. Applications can not be submitted at any other times and the study places are offered only to applicants who have submitted in an application. Applicant can submit only one application for per application period. The maximum of six study programmes can be filled in the form.

Eligibility to Master School path studies requires a former Bachelor's Degree. If the degree has been completed outside of Finland, a copy of the degree certificate must be submitted to the application during the application period. Official translation in Finnish, Swedish or English must be submitted along with to copy of the degree certificate if the original version is not in any of the mentioned languages.

Results of the student selection

The schedule for publishing the results of the path study application is specified in the mainpage

The results are published in My Studyinfo -service. Logging in to the service via Studyinfo -website requires Finnish bank credentials or mobile certificate. The applicant will also receive an automatic e-mail from Studyinfo, if they are selected to path studies. The e-mail contains a straight link to My Studyinfo which can be used without bank credentials or mobile certificate in order to confirm the offered study place. The study place must be confirmed within 5 days.

The applicant is responsible to follow their e-mail on a daily basis. Please note that depending on the setting of your email, the automatic message from Studyinfo might go to the junk mail folder.

Requirements of former education

  • Bachelor Studies: Open to everyone; any former education is not required. In some cases there might be a recommendation of mastering a certain know-how beforehand e.g. Finnish language or basic abilities in mathematics.
  • Master School Studies: Applicable Bachelor’s Degree must have been completed. Work experience of the field is not required until applying to degree studies via separate application or joint application.

If you apply to path studies conducted in Finnish and your native language or language of schooling is not Finnish, copy of YKI-language test (skill level atleast 3) must be submitted along with the application form. In applying to path studies conducted in English, any language tests are not required.

Student selection

Selection methods

There are two separate student selection methos for path studies.

  • Motivation form: Master School
  • Lottery: other English conducted study programmes

Requests for rectification in student selection

Filing requests for rectification regarding student selection concerns degree students only. A request for rectification cannot be filed on the Open University of Applied Sciences student selection.

Tuition fee and Scholarships

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for TUAS Open University of Applied Sciences is EUR 200 per semester. The duration of path studies is two semesters and therefore path studies cost EUR 400 per academic year. The invoice is paid in two installments. The tuition fee is paid through e-form that is send to student email addresses in February and September. The e-form payment requires Finnish online banking credentials. If the student does not own these, Open UAS can sent the student a paper invoice. The paper invoice must be requested as it is not sent automatically.

Please note that degree programme tuition fees may be applicable when you enrol as a degree student via separate application.


TUAS does not offer scholarships or any other financial aid to path students.

Residence permit and information for applicants living abroad

Attendance in the studies

Path studies consist of varying amount of contact teaching that requires attendance in Finland. Participation to contact teaching can not be done via Skype or the days of teaching altered. Only Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online path studies are conducted fully online after the orientation days.

Path studies conducted in Finnish require fluent communication, literacy and writing skills in Finnish language. Eligibility is not gained if the applicant can not prove their Finnish comprehension via YKI-language test.

New students are sent only a notification via e-mail of a study place to accepted from Studyinfo. Any other confirmation letter or invitation letter to begin the studies will not be send.

Residence permit/Visa

Finnish Immigration Service does not grant residence permit/Visa based on Open UAS studies as the studies do not lead to a degree. Please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service for further information Residence permit application for studies . Open UAS can not contact the Immigration Services in favor of the applicant.

The beginning semester of path studies can not altered due to issues related to residence permit or moving to Finland.

Path study fee (200€/semester) is compulsory for all path students despite nationality or residence permit type. Please note that degree students' tuition fees might have to be paid if you are accepted to degree studies after completing the path studies.

Forms of Studying

Path studies can be conducted as full-time, part-time or online forms. Information of certain studies’ form can be found in Studyinfo. The meanings of different forms are described underneath:

Full-time: Full-time studies are organized in the daytime (at 8–16 o’clock) on working days. Contact teaching takes place approximately 3-4 days a week depending on the study programme. Participation in contact teaching is required. Participation can not be done via Skype etc. Studies consist of timetabled project and group work and independent studying. Approximately 40 hours per week should be reserved for studying.

Part-time/multiform: Studies are mostly organized as 1-2 days of contact teaching per week. Mostly the contact teaching is scheduled to the evenings. Studies consist of timetabled project and group work and independent studying that has a major role in multiform studies. Approximately 40 hours per week should be reserved for studying. Note that the term "part-time" refers to the amount of contact teaching. The amount of credits and studying is similar to the studies conducted as full-time.

Online: Studies are conducted completely online except for the practical training and orientation days in the beginning of the studies. Studying is a combination of independent work, supervised studying and group work which are partly timetabled. Approximately 40 hours per week should be reserved for studying.

NB! Path studies are not a lighter option for completing the first year studies. Path students are requirements for attendance are similar to degree students'.

Master School path studies

Also Master School studies are offered through path studies. The target group of Master School studies are those taking part to working life and to be combined with work.

The studies begin with few orientation days that require attendance. During the studies concact teaching is organized mainly 2-3 times a month. Contact teaching requires to the students to be present in the campus. The timetable of the contact lessons is published in August and December. Independent studying plays a major role in Master School.

Master School path studies have requirements for eligibility. The applicant must have completed a applicable Bachelor's Degree and the degrees accepted are listed in Studyinfo in each programme's info. Eligiblity does not require work experience. Requirement for at least 24 month of work experience must be fullfilled when applying to degree studies in separate application through Open UAS. Path studies are a great way to start Master School while accumulating the work experience required in degree studies!

Master School studies give the students an opportunity to utilize their knowledge from working life as a part of course assignments. However taking part to working life is not required in order to study at Master School.

Practical training and Online Studies in CampusOnline

Path Students can complete first study year's practical training in every study programme.

Path students can participate in online courses in CampusOnline free of charge. CampusOnline offers hundreds of study modules from different university of applied sciences. These courses can be included in the separate applications’ amount of credits with certain conditions.

Student Benefits for path students

Path students at Open UAS is also not entitled to state-sponsored student financial aid, student health services or student discounts in long destination busses or trains. 

Path students are entitled to certain benefits:

  • Turku region's local traffic company Föli entitles path students to student priced bus card with certain conditions.
  • Path students are entitled to join the student union TUO and as student union members to apply for a green student card. The path students' green student card entitles to most of the local student discounts TUO has made agreements on.
  • Path students are allowed to a meal discount card which is accepted in the student restaurants in Turku and Salo Iot Campus.
  • Path students can apply for student housing from Turun ylioppilaskyläsäätiö TYS. In the beginning of the semester in August-September path students are not able to get a student appartment. More information about student housing in Turku: https://tys.fi/en
  • Path students can buy a right to use sports services of CampusSport. More information:  http://www.campussport.fi/en/frontpage/

Accounts of Path Studies Required by the TE Office

Questions regarding studying while being granted unemployment benefit must be addressed to TE office. As a client of TE Office, please contact them before applying to path studies.

Requests on transcript of studies or study certice and TE office forms to be filled in are sent via e-mail to Open UAS Office avoinamk[at]turkuamk.fi. Study certificate can not be received before the beginning point of the studies (1st of August / 1st of January). TE Office forms can be filled in only after student has accepted their study place. Students must fill in the applicants' part of the forms beforehand. Please not that there is a delay in responding to the requests during August-September and December-January.

Turku University of Applied Sciences is obliged by law to respond to the requests for information by authorities, such as to request by a TE Office official to have information on your studies. Open UAS returns the forms to the students, not straight the officers in TE-office.

Cancellation of a Path Studies

By accepting the study place student pledges to pay the tuition fee. Cancellation is free of charge if the study place is rejected by the deadline given in Studyinfo. If the study place is cancelled after accepting, you are obligated to pay the tuition fee for the first semester. Study place must be cancelled by the end of the on-going semester to avoid the tuition fee for the next semester.

Free of charge cancellation can be done by a doctor's certificate if the student becomes ill with a long term sickness. The sickness must prevent from attending the studies. Rejection for studying from TE Office does not grant free of charge cancellation.

Study place must be cancelled via official cancellation form found from the new path students' page. Notice of cancellation made to a teacher, study guidance counsellor, student office etc. is not accepted.

Fill in the resignation announcement (requires identification). If you are not able to complete the identification, you can fill in the alternative resignation announcement .

Separate Application – Where to continue after Path Studies?

Separate application provides path students an opportunity to apply to degree programmes. Application period takes place twice a year (November and May). Application period to Master School degree programmes is continuing. If accepted to degree studies, you are entitled to student financial aid and other student benefits.

Student selection is based on success (credits and weighted average) in the path studies. There are not any entrance examinations or interviews. In order to studies being included in separate application the path studies must be completed specifically in Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Please note that your student number will change when/if you apply to and enrol as a degree student via separate application. Your user ID, password and email address will remain the same.

More information on separate application: http://www.tuas.fi/en/study-tuas/admissions/separate-applications/

Questions concerning separate application should be directed to Open UAS: avoinamk[at]turkuamk.fi

Please note that if you are interested in applying to another University of Applied Sciences through separate application, you must address them.