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Apply for path studies this Autumn!

The application period is 24.11.–7.12.2022. The application period ends on 7 December at 15.00.
See our Finnish website for path studies programmes open for applications!
Page updated 20.12.2022

The ABCs of applying to Path Studies

Path studies are an alternative route to degree studies. Path studies consist of the first year studies of a degree programme, which you complete alongside degree students. The extent of the path studies is ay 60 credits in Bachelor's level studies and approximately 30 credits in Master's level studies. Apart from online study programmes, path studies require attendance in Turku, Finland.

You cannot complete a degree as a path student. Based on the credits you attain and your success in path studies, you can apply for a degree study right via Open UAS separate application, and continue your studies seamlessly until graduation. As a path student you belong to out TUAS student community and can take part in student life.

Please have a careful look at the instructions on this page, and get in touch if you have any questions!

How to apply to path studies

How and when do I apply to path studies?

You can apply for path studies twice a year: in the summer and in the autumn. The summer application period takes place in July–August, and studies for selected students begin in the autumn semester. The autumn application period takes place in November–December, and studies for selected students begin in the spring semester.

Application for path studies takes place on Studyinfo.fi. You can find available path studies programmes on Studyinfo, or on our website here: Path studies programmes in English. Click the name of a programme that interests you, and you will find more information on the programme in questions, as well as links for applying.

On the My Studyinfo service you can keep track of your application, change information on your application form during the application period, and accept or cancel a path study place offered to you.

Any questions or information concerning your application will be sent to the e-mail address you provide on your application form. Please be sure to check your e-mail regularly, including your spam folder! 

Who can apply to path studies?

Bachelor's level path studies are open to everyone. No former education is required. There may be a recommendation of previously aquired skiIls listed on Studyinfo.fi: these are not requirements, but may help you when you consider which path studies programme to apply for.

​When applying for Master School path sudies, an applicable higher education degree (e.g. Bachelor's degree) is required. The degree must be completed when you submit your application. The degrees applicable for each programme are mentioned on Studyinfo.fi. When you apply for a degree study right after completing your path studies, a minimum of 2 years (24 months) of work experience in a relevant field acquired after graduating from your previous degree will be required. 

If you apply to path studies conducted in Finnish and your language of schooling is not Finnish, you will be required to demonstrate your language skills as part of the application process. Find out more here: Hakukelpoisuuteen vaadittu kielitaito.

How are path students selected?

Path students are selected based on applications submitted during application periods on Studyinfo.fi. Students are selected either by random selection from eligible applicants, or based on a motivation form.

  • Motivation form: if the programme in question uses a motivation form, path students are selected based on the points awarded for their answers on the motivation form. You will find the evaluation criteria of the motivation form on Studyinfo.fi in the programme information. The motivation form questions are available on the application form during the application period.
  • Random selection: if the programme in question uses random selection, path students are selected randomly from elibile applicants after the application period has ended.

There are no other selection methods used in path student selection.

Requests for rectification in Open UAS path student selection

A request for rectification regarding student selection can only be made for degree student selection. Open UAS student selections are not subject to requests for rectification.

When and where are the results of the path student selection published?

The results of the path student selection to study programmes in English in Autumn 2022 have now been published. Congratulations to all new path students!

Please check the results of the student selection on My Studyinfo. You will also receive an automated e-mail of the results to the address you have provided on your application form. Please be sure to check your spam folder!

Students placed on a waiting list may be selected unti 11 January 2023.

Make sure to follow the results on My Studyinfo daily. E-mails from Studyinfo.fi may be blocked by your service provider.

If you cannot access My Studyinfo, please contact Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi to enquire after your results. 

Please note that selected path students will not receive a separate information letter from Open UAS. All information needed by new path students is available here: For new path students.

Other important information on applying to path studies

Path studies semester fee

The Turku University of Applied Sciences Open UAS semester fee is 200 €. The total cost of path studies, two semesters in length, is 400 €. As a new path student, you will receive instructions for completing your first semester fee payment by e-mail after you accept your path study place on Studyinfo.fi.

For more information on the path studies semester fee, please see here: Semester fee.

Please note that degree programme tuition fees may be applicable once you apply for a degree study right via Open UAS separate application.

If you are unemployed or furloughed, you may be entitled to an exemption from the semester fee for Autumn 2022. See details here: exemption from study fees for the unemployed or furloughed.


Path students are not entitled to most student benefits aimed for degree students, such as Kela’s student aid. Turku UAS Path students are, however, entitled to certain discounts and services, please see a listing here: Benefits for Path Students.

Information for applicants living abroad: attendance and residence permits

Attendance in path studies

Path studies consist of varying amount of contact teaching that requires attendance in Finland, unless the degree programme in question is conducted completely online. Participation in contact teaching is mandatory, and cannot be done via e.g. Teams. Please check the information of the path studies programme you intend to apply for and make sure you can participate in teaching as required.

Residence permits in Finland

If you are a non EU/EEA citizen, please be aware that the Finnish Immigration Service are not likely to grant a residence permit or student visa based on Open UAS path studies as the studies do not lead to a degree. Please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service for further information:  Residence permit application for studies . Open UAS cannot contact the Immigration Service on your behalf.

Your path study right can not be postponed or transferred due to issues related to residence permits or moving to Finland.

The path studies semester fee (200€/semester) is compulsory for all path students despite nationality or residence permit type. Please note that tuition fees for degree students may apply to you if you are accepted to degree studies after completing your path studies.

Path studies for TE Office clients

If you are unemployed or furloughed and receive financial aid, please be sure to contact the official responsible for your aid before you apply for path studies. Questions regarding applying for or participating in path studies while receiving unemployment benefits in Finland must be addressed to the TE Office.

If you need a transcript of studies or a study certificate, or if you need a TE-office form filled in by your education provider, please contact Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. 

Study certificates can only be issued after you have been accepted as a path student and your information has been transferred to the Turku UAS student information system. This may take some time at the beginning of each semester.

TE Office forms can only be filled in after you have accepted a path study place on Studyinfo.fi.

  • If you need the TE Office form TEM621, please contact us by e-mail at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. You do not need to send us a pre-filled form.
  • If you need any other TE Office or other official form filled out by your education provider, please send the form in question to us at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi with your information filled in. Please be sure to send the form in an electronically accessible form (e.g. PDF, not .jpeg or .png).

Please note that there is a delay in responding to the requests for filling in forms during August-September and December-January.

Turku University of Applied Sciences is obliged by law to respond to requests for information by authorities, such as a request by a TE Office official to have information on your studies.

NB! If you are registered as a jobseeker and must complete path studies as part-time studies, please let us know of your status when you request your TE Office form. Part-time path studies are 35 ECTS in scope, and we will fill your TEM621 form in accordingly. As a part-time path student, you are responsible for ensuring that your studies do not exceed the limit of part-time studies.

Cancelling a path study place

By accepting a path study place offered to you on Studyinfo.fi you agree to paying the semester fee for your first semester (200 €).

A free of charge cancellation is only possible if you cancel the offered path study place on Studyinfo.fi by the deadline given, within 5 days of being informed of the offered study place.

For our more detailed cancellation policy, please see here: Discontinuing Open UAS studies and cancellation policy.

Separate Application: what do I do after completing path studies?

After you have completed the required amount of Open UAS studies, you can apply for a degree study right via Open UAS separate application. When applying via Open UAS separate application, students are selected based on the amount of applicable Open UAS studies they have completed, and the grade average of the completed studies.

Please read more on Open UAS separate applications, admission critera and the application periods:

If you have questions concerning Open UAS separate applications, please contact Open UAS at avoinamk@turkuamk.fi. 

Please note that if you are interested in applying to another University of Applied Sciences through separate application, you must contact the education institute in question directly.