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Page updated 6.2.2023

Cross-institutional studies

With cross-institutional studies, you can expand your study opportunities by selecting studies from other Finnish higher education institutions and including the studies in your degree. Below you can find instructions for those who arrive at Turku University of Applied Sciences from another higher education institution to complete cross-institutional studies. The instructions on cross-institutional studies for students at Turku University of Applied Sciences are available in Messi.

As a student completing cross-institutional studies, you will be provided a temporary right to study at Turku University of Applied Sciences. The study time is defined based on the agreement between the higher education institutions. With the right to study, you can only complete the cross-institutional studies of your choice.

Welcome to study at Turku University of Applied Sciences!


Cross-institutional study opportunities

1. Cross-institutional study networks and individual courses

Turku University of Applied Sciences has agreed with other Finnish higher education institutions on different cross-institutional study networks, in which students can participate. Both universities of applied sciences and universities offer cross-institutional studies. In principle, the networks are field-specific, which means that students from different fields have different course selections within cross-institutional studies.

In the future, you will find all cross-institutional study networks in your own study information system, e.g., in Peppi or Sisu.

In some fields, individual collaborative courses are arranged as agreed on by teachers from different higher education institutions. You will get more information on these from your degree programme.


2. CampusOnline

The CampusOnline.fi portal contains online courses from over 20 Finnish universities of applied sciences.

In the portal, students can select courses from other universities of applied sciences and include them in their own degree. Before enrolling on a course, you must obtain approval for the studies from your own degree programme by the tutor teacher, Study Counsellor, Degree Programme Leader or Head of Education and Research. This way you ensure the suitability of the studies in your degree, and you will go through the possible overlapping studies together.


Read more on CampusOnline

The courses are free of charge for degree students (Bachelor’s/Master’s) at universities of applied sciences who have enrolled as present and for Open Studies’ path students. Exchange students may also complete the courses free of charge.

For students completing individual courses as Open Studies, the courses may be subject to a charge or free of charge, according to the policy of the university of applied sciences providing the course. More specific information on the practices is separately available in the course descriptions.


Quotas on Turku UAS’ CampusOnline courses

The CampusOnline studies have quotas for the students of Turku UAS, other universities of applied sciences and Open Studies. For example, the quotas on a course may be: 20 places for Turku UAS’ students, 20 places for students from other universities of applied sciences and 20 places for Open Studies students.

The courses’ quotas can be found in CampusOnline (in Course enrolment info) and for students at Turku UAS, in Peppi (in Course enrolment info). In principle, students are accepted into the courses in the order of enrolment.


Checklist for CampusOnline studies

  • ​Get to know the course selection at https://campusonline.fi/en/
  • Get your degree programme’s approval for your selection.
  • You can find the enrolment instructions in the portal’s course description.
  • Turku UAS’ students enrol on CampusOnline studies offered by Turku UAS in Peppi.
  • Information on transferring the study attainments is available here.
  • We strongly recommend that you get to know the FAQ section of the portal!


3. JOO STUDIES (Flexible right to study)

The agreement on JOO studies in the Turku region ended on 31 December 2021. The JOOPAS system also ended on 31 December 2021.


Flexible study right between Turku UAS and the University of Turku

Between Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Turku, it is possible to study individual courses with flexible study right. A student of University of Turku who is in attendance and has a degree right can be accepted to studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences. The flexible study right is applied for using the University of Turku's online application form.

Instructions for a student of University of Turku:

  • You can find the courses offered by Turku University of Applied Sciences in the study guide. Not all courses are granted flexible study rights. Before filling in the application form it is a good idea to check with the responsible teacher or the Head of Education and Research (Heads of Education and Research: Engineering and Business / Health and Well-being / Arts Academy ) whether students are admitted to the course with flexible study rights.
  • The application for flexible study rights is continuous. Please apply well in advance so that both universities have time to process your application. You should reserve about one month for the application process.
  • The application is first approved by the home university. If the application is approved by the home university, the application is submitted to the Head of Education and Research of the Turku University of Applied Sciences for processing. The student will be informed by e-mail about the progress of his/her application and any requests for supplementary information.
  • If the Head of Education and Research at Turku UAS approves the right to study, the right to study and the student's details are entered in Turku UAS Peppi. The student will be registered for the course by the Student Office. The student will receive an email with instructions on how to create a Turun UAS user account and log in to the learning environment.

For students of Turku University of Applied Sciences, instructions on how to apply for a course at University of Turku can be found on Messi.

Instructions for students coming to Turku UAS to complete cross-institutional studies

Below you can find the instructions on cross-institutional studies aimed at students coming from another higher education institution to Turku UAS. 

If you are a student at Turku UAS and are planning to complete cross-institutional studies at another higher education institution, check the instructions for cross-institutional studies aimed at Turku UAS students in Messi.  


Checklist for students completing cross-institutional studies

  • Obtain approval for your studies at your home institution.
  • Ensure that your right to study at your home institution is valid and that you have enrolled as present.
  • Enrol on Turku UAS’ course.
  • Activate Turku UAS’ HAKA user ID.
  • Log in the learning environment.
  • Check the contact lesson days etc. in the course description.
  • Participate in the course according to the teacher’s instructions.
  • Wait for that the teacher has assessed the completed course in Turku University of Applied Sciences’ Peppi system, and then transfer the assessment to the student register of your home institution according to the instructions of your home institution.

More specific instructions on enrolment and studies:

Enrolment on courses

To be able to enrol to complete cross-institutional studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences, your right to study at your home institution shall be valid. In addition, you must be enrolled as present. Enrol on the courses according to the instructions on CampusOnline, the JOO studies’ instructions or in case of individual courses, according to the instructions provided by the teacher.

In general, the courses have quotas for students completing cross-institutional studies. Thus, enrol on the studies in good time to ensure your place on the course.

Cancelling the enrolment

Please note that the enrolment is binding. However, if you must cancel your enrolment on a course, cancel the enrolment immediately so that you won’t take the place of a student on the waiting list.

User IDs

Once you have enrolled on the course and received a confirmation on the acceptance on the course via email, activate your Turku University of Applied Sciences user ID at: https://id.turkuamk.fi. You log in the service with your online banking codes or mobile ID. Save the user ID as you will need it to log in the learning environment. The user ID is not the same as your email address.

Turku University of Applied Sciences user IDs require multi-factor authentication (MFA). Please register MFA after activating your user ID. Read the instructions at https://www.tuas.fi/mfa.

As a student completing cross-institutional studies, you can utilize the field-specific software according to the license agreements of Turku University of Applied Sciences.

More information: IT Services

The learning environment and completing studies

We utilize  Itslearning as the learning environment. Information on the learning environment is available in the course description. Log in the learning environment with Turku UAS’ HAKA user ID.

The course description contains information on the contents and assessment methods of the studies. The course description also contains the information on whether the course is completed online or if it requires presence on campus. The studies are completed according to the instructions of the responsible teacher and according to the rules provided by Turku UAS. After the course has ended, feedback on the course is collected.


The teacher assesses the course and enters the grade in Peppi, the study register system of Turku UAS. You can transfer the course assessment to the study records of your home institution as instructed by your home institution. The completed course is taken in the study records of the home institution as a course completed elsewhere.

Rectification request of a course assessment

If you are dissatisfied with the assessment of your study attainment, you can lodge a rectification request either orally or in writing with the teacher who performed the assessment. The rectification request shall be lodged within 14 days of the date on which the information about the grades or the application of the assessment criteria to the student’s study attainment became accessible to the student. (Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, Section 57.) If you are still dissatisfied with the above-mentioned decision, you may submit a written rectification request to the Board of Examiners within 14 days of receipt of the information on the decision.  

The free-form request for rectification to the Board of Examiners is addressed to the Board of Examiners at Turku University of Applied Sciences and it shall be submitted to the registry of Turku University of Applied Sciences: Joukahaisenkatu 3, 20520 Turku

Course timetables

You can find the course timetables at https://lukkari.turkuamk.fi or in Tuudo.

You can download the Tuudo mobile app from the app store on your own mobile device free of charge. Tuudo is available for both Android and iOS. As the background information, Tuudo utilizes the student information in Peppi.


You can find the materials of Turku UAS’ library at https://turkuamk.finna.fi. When you log in with Turku UAS’ user ID, you can access the licensed electronic materials. Borrowing printed books is possible after you have registered as a customer of Turku UAS’ library. Read more on Turku UAS’ library.


At Turku University of Applied Science, we study and work on three campuses: Kupittaa Campus, Linnankatu Arts Campus and Salo IoT Campus. Kupittaa Campus is the largest of the campus areas, and it includes five different buildings. Read more on Turku UAS’ campuses.

Privacy notice

You can find the privacy notice of Turku University of Applied Sciences here:

Privacy notice (pdf)