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Master of Business Administration, Professional Sales Management

Master of Business Administration, Professional Sales Management

The Master’s Degree Programme in Professional Sales Management is a very practically oriented programme meant for Bachelors of Business Administration and to other suitable holders of a Bachelor’s degree who want to expand their knowledge about different competences and skills needed in demanding B2B sales work and in sales management.

Entry requirement to the programme is a minimum of three years’ relevant work experience gained after a suitable higher education degree. (See the detailed eligibility criteria in

Students are, during the studies, always expected to apply in practice the theories discussed and this way understand their relevance for practical sales situations. The focus is on demanding B2B sales environments which very often are also international. Developing cultural literacy and the ability to act on international forums by negotiating and presenting ideas forms a central part of the education. 

Customer behaviour is under a constant change as new digital media and tools are being introduced and customers have an easy access to information. Understanding how to use these new tools in sales work is one of the aims of this education.

Working life oriented studies

The assignments are connected to the existing work tasks of the students, which gives them an excellent opportunity to develop their existing work and this way benefit their present employer as well. In the final thesis, students are given the freedom of choice to concentrate on those issues in sales which are of special interest to them as well as to their present and future career plans.

The planned duration of the studies is 2 years and the studies are designed to accommodate professionals working full-time. The programme is built on mixed-mode studies including lectures, seminars, e-learning and independent work. There are 2 days of contact sessions monthly.

Studies focus on professional B2B sales

The MBA degree comprises 90 credits (ECTS) which includes advanced professional studies (30 ECTS), optional and elective studies (30 ECTS) and Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS). The degree programme in Professional Sales Management aims to provide the student with tools for successful development and R&D result application within the field of professional B2B sales. 

Each student will compile their individual study plan at the beginning of their studies, which enables them to gain such understanding and knowledge that will support the desired career plan while simultaneously meeting the demands of employers.

The studies consist of study units like:

  • Advanced B2B sales
  • Presentation and negotiation in sales 
  • Recent trends in B2B buying behaviour
  • Sales management and leadership
  • Social selling
  • Technical sales
  • International sales
  • Sales project
  • Advanced issues in business administration

A central part of MBA studies is the Master’s thesis, in which the students will not only develop the knowledge and skills in a certain study field and specific topic but also have the possibility to enhance their skills of leading teams and work groups. 

How to Apply?

Next application period is supplementary application round on 2 - 16 July 2018

Applications are submitted through the online joint application system at Read more about joint application.  

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