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Page updated 12.8.2015
Low-carbon harbour operations

Low-carbon harbour operations

The Low-carbon harbour operations project aims to develop harbours and the operating environment of companies located in harbours as low-carbon. At the same time, the energy and ecological efficiency of harbour operations is promoted.
The project will yield new information on direct natural gas emissions in harbours' transport chains. In the future, natural gas will play an important role, as low-carbon and resource-efficient logistic chains are developed in Southern Finland. The strategic alignment of the EU orders that a sufficient number of harbours should have the possibility to deliver LNG by the year 2025. Thus, most harbours in Southern Finland will process natural gas.
Emission measurement technology is being developed in cooperation with actors in the field. The subproject of Turku University of Applied Sciences studies LNG emissions in particular.


  • to create an energy monitoring model, which can be used in Finnish harbours to increase energy efficiency
  • to develop a set of indicators for harbours’ capacity, with the help of which harbours can evaluate the state of their environmental responsibility
  • to study the implementation and emission risks of alternative fuels