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Page updated 9.2.2016
VIRDI – Virtual Reality in Driving Inspection

VIRDI – Virtual Reality in Driving Inspection

Virtual Reality in Driving Inspection (VIRDI) project combines two scientific fields of cognitive neuroscience and game technology and create pilot tests and study business models of evaluating driving ability. The objective is to create a prototype of a measurement device (VIRDI) for driving skills and perceptual capacity. VIRDI can be utilized in fast objective screening of driving performance and spatial perception, supporting medical professional’s estimations on driving ability. VIRDI can also be utilized for training of these skills and for various experimental purposes in cognitive neuroscience.

New effective tools and solutions are needed especially to support evaluation and decision making of the driving ability of people under 24 and over 75 years of age. In this project, we will further develop and study business models in simultaneous evaluation of driving acuity and spatial perceptual capacity in a virtual environment.

As a result of this project a portable system is developed that provides new innovative inspection tool for various potential utilization parties and a new training solution for private and professional drivers. VIRDI will be developed with an intent of commercial use globally.