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Page updated 17.12.2020

Intelligent Foresight – Sustainable Growth 2020-2022

The small and medium enterprises in Southwest Finland constantly need to prepare themselves for changes in the operational environment, predict the future and reform their businesses. The enterprises need more competence of how to utilise the future knowledge. The growth and changes in businesses and branches of industry affect the southwestern educational organisations and require them to consider what kind of competence the future professionals should comprehend in order to cope with a new kind of working life and to be able to solve more complex challenges.

Intelligent Foresight – Sustainable Growth 2020 – 2022 -project approaches the matter of foresight from the viewpoint of local regional labor market. The IntelligentForesight project executes targeted workshops within each competence area to be carried out between enterprises and educational organisations. The purpose of these workshops is to gather direct information for the planning of study paths and educational units and for companies’ reform and business development. The foresight and guidance process will be carried out using the study path formula. Intelligent foresight – Sustainable Growth 2020 – 2022 -project is targeted at southwestern enterprises in the fields of maritime and production technology industries. 

In addition, with the help of data analysis, information about the balance of supply and demand of competence in Southwest Finland will be gathered within this project. This information will be utilised in educational planning, profiling the study paths and working life guidance together with enterprises. Artificial intelligence will be used as a tool to help the enterprises’ needs meet the competence produced in the educational organisations. The collection and utilisation of data and the workshop activity will be connected to both the processes of educational organisations, as a part of educational planning and guidance, and to ongoing support for enterprises’ human resource planning and recruiting.