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Page updated 17.10.2018

INTENSE – International Entrepreneurship Skills in Europe

The aim of the INTENSE project is to help enterprises in their internationalization process and find new international contacts in their partner countries. The target group of the project includes small and medium-sized enterprises. Students work in company cases with the aim of assisting companies internationalize their operations. The project also involves measuring the innovation competences of the participants.

During the project, educational material related to internationalization and project work, worth 15 ECTS, will be drafted in English. The material will be initially available for project partners. Later on, the material will be publically available to be used at any educational institute.

The cooperation of companies and students will be first planned and piloted with a small group of students and a few companies. In the actual implementation phase, the aim is to gather approximately 25 participating students from each partner university and a commission from five separate companies. The commissions are related to the internationalization of enterprises, i.e. export and import.

The idea in the commissions is that if, for example, a Finnish company is interested in marketing their operations in one of the partner countries, the students from that country are able to help the Finnish student group in gathering information and vice versa. As another result of the project, the students’ skills and competence in internationalization and working life collaboration will improve.

In the context of the actual implementation, both students' and teachers' innovation competences will be measured by using the FINCODA barometer.

More information on the project is available in the story published in https://issuu.com/turunamk/docs/journal_of_excellence_in_sales_2_20?e=10981831/55343309