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Page updated 13.9.2018

LÄMPÖÄ – Business from Thermal Energy Storage

The LÄMPÖÄ project researches all-year storage of thermal energy in the ground by using energy piles and the utilization of these stocks as a source of additional energy for properties. During the project, uniform installation instructions are drafted, and matchmaking events and training is organized for entrepreneurs.

The pilot targets of the project are used for investigating and developing the utilization opportunities of thermal energy storage through multisectoral cooperation. The objective is to produce theoretical information as well as empirical information based on long-term research on underground thermal energy storage through piles. 

Energy storage can be utilized in already existing properties as well as in redeveloping. By producing open data, thermal energy storage levels will increase and the systems will become more productive. The benefits of thermal energy storage will be demonstrated with a mobile application that combines displaying, monitoring and controlling the energy consumption data. In addition, the project produces an RT File for thermal energy storage and energy pile installation instructions.

Thermal energy storage is currently a burning question waiting for a solution. Thermal energy storage can lead to economic and financial saving by decreasing the peak production, as part of the thermal energy needed can be first stored and then used outside peak production times. The possibility of underground energy storage in the foundations of buildings is not general knowledge. A bottleneck is often caused by the turnkey management and the quality assurance of installation.