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Page updated 25.7.2017


Many foreign degree students would like to stay and find employment in Finland after graduation. However, the unemployment rate of foreigners and citizens of foreign background is double or triple compared with the respective rate of native Finns.

The KILKAS project aims to promote the employment of foreign UAS students by developing support, guidance and forms for internship and thesis together with business. The project develops also a working model to increase foreign students’  working life competence  from the point of view of the Finnish labor market, raising the prospect of competitiveness and growth.

The main objective of the project is to develop and implement a working model to contribute to the employment and integration of foreign students to the Finnish labor markets. The project will collect and further process into a national working model, the experience and results of the partners’ previous projects and pilots, regional good practices as well as new approaches based on them, developed together with business and to be utilized in the internship of foreign students. In addition, companies will be informed about the foreign students’ competence in international business.  In particular, the start-up companies are interested in internationalization.