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Page updated 17.10.2018
Developing Preparatory Studies for Immigrants in Higher Education

Developing Preparatory Studies for Immigrants in Higher Education

The aim of the project is to develop the preparatory education targeted at immigrants and asylum seekers who wish to study at a university of applied sciences. The development takes place through, e.g.

  • Determining and piloting application processes
  • Drafting structural and methodological recommendations for preparatory education
  • Development of education e.g. by professional language studies and digital methods
  • Creating a higher education culture that promotes inclusive integration

In the course of the project, the availability, flexibility, optional selection and impact of studies aimed at immigrants will increase. Due to education, more and more immigrants have the readiness to proceed to higher education studies. The selection of professional language studies will also benefit the degree and exchange students at higher education institutions. Once there are clear recommendations, preparatory education will be consistent and higher education institutions will follow similar processes when arranging preparatory studies.