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Page updated 2.2.2016
Räätäli – tools for information and language technology

Räätäli – tools for information and language technology

Tools for information and language technology for the utilisation of health information for patients and professionals

The project aims to create tools for tailoring patient documents, interactive patient instructions and medical information for patients and professionals. Tools for analysing health information related to heart illnesses and for tailoring information based on this are created during the project. Tools can be productised and developed also for processing other health information.

The background implementation, which is based on analysing the tools, can be utilised in several commercial applications. The result is information applications which support the patient’s self-care and with the help of which information on his/her illness, treatments, treatment instructions and medicine from different sources is tailored in a form that’s understandable for the patient. The patient receives the information in electronic and/or printed form, and if they wish, saved on their Taltioni account. The information helps the patient understand his/her illness, commit to the treatment and participate in the related decision-making.

On the other hand, the project creates solutions which support professionals in producing and utilising high-quality patient documents and instructions for implementing medical care. When producing text, the expert can use their own language and expressions. The language tools created within the project translate the texts automatically into the language used by the patient. They can also be enriched with photos, graphics and other additional information. The aim is thus not simplifying plain language but using the language as a rich tool for understanding communication without compromising the information content. Professionals are also supported by the diversification of information retrieval and visualisation of the desired information (e.g. medication, pain, disorientation), which is enabled by the tools based on the analysis.