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Page updated 13.9.2018

TRY OUT! Experiments on Circular Economy and Cleantech with Cities and Business Networks – Highlighting Functional Business Models

In the TRY OUT! project, based on an experimental culture and joint development, an innovation platform with experimental environments will be created. It will provide the opportunity for experimenting with new business models in circular economy and cleantech, with cross-sectoral ways of action and forms of cooperation. The most efficient models will be taken into use and proceed into markets.

At the moment, circular economy and the cleantech business are radically changing our way of utilizing materials and building the related business models. Both circular economy and cleantech are considered a great opportunity for creating new business, innovations, growth and jobs.

The main objectives of the project are:
1. To promote the creation of an innovation platform for circular economy and cleantech
2. To look for functional business opportunities for circular economy and cleantech by experimenting
3. To enable the creation of new market-led solutions and services
4. To implement cooperation in terms of product development, innovations or commercialization between cities, companies, higher education institutions, other RDI actors and customers in a way which is concrete and supports being a pioneer
5. To increase business and employment within the field and through these, the well-being of regions
6. With measures, to promote the system level change of cities and higher education institutions both in development activities in general and especially in the development of circular economy and cleantech