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Page updated 26.5.2021


A maritime cluster in a carbon-neutral circular economy - developing the ecosystem

Finland has a long history in the maritime cluster and a lot of know-how, from shipbuilding to technological development. We believe that extensive cooperation in the sector will improve employment and competitiveness and enable more environmentally friendly maritime transport. There is also a global demand for know-how and technological solutions, which will increase in the coming years as regulations tighten. 

Working together to increase the responsibility of the maritime cluster will also give the sector good visibility. Finland has the know-how to develop such an ecosystem. 

We are building an ecosystem that aims to 

  • build a common model of cooperation covering the whole life cycle of a ship, aiming at reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the circular economy, bringing together previous projects, know-how and technologies under a common umbrella; 
  • monitor the development of the field, incl. future regulation of the sector, and to consider together what significance it has for the Finnish maritime transport sector 
  • create a showcase of our expertise internationally 
  • bring all current know-how and the results of various development and research projects to the knowledge of the industry 
  • jointly develop new research and development project openings related to the theme 
  • create long-term stable operating conditions in order to develop the business based on the circular economy in Finland.