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Page updated 23.4.2015
Solarleap – more solar energy to Southwest Finland

Solarleap – more solar energy to Southwest Finland

The goal of the SOLARLEAP project of Turku University of Applied Sciences and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is to remove obstacles to the utilisation of solar energy in Southwest Finland. The Solarleap project arranges continuing education, carries out pilots and aims to develop permit and building guidelines.

SOLARLEAP is a two-year research and development project funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the cities of the south-western coast (the LOURA network). The main operator of the Southwest Finland project is Turku University of Applied Sciences, and Turku Vocational Institute acts as a project partner. In addition, the Southwest Finland project works in close cooperation with the solar energy project carried out by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

Training and pilots

The project consists of continuing education targeted at companies, the development of installation instructions and documentation as well as implementation at a range of pilot sites. At the beginning of the project, a needs survey is conducted in order to find potential solar energy sites. On the basis of the survey, approximately ten pilot sites are selected for the project to design and install. The pilot sites provide information about energy generated by the systems. At the same time, they serve as a trial environment for installation methods, instructions and documents.

The goal is to improve the competence of companies and other parties in the management of comprehensive solar energy system deliveries, system consolidation and profitability evaluation. As operations become more established, it will be easier for the party ordering a solar energy system to put deliveries to tendering and to ensure installation quality. Over the long term, small solar energy plants connected to the grid may constitute a significant supplement to carbon neutral, clean energy production. Now it is the right time to make the decisive leap towards a solar economy in Finland, too!