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Page updated 28.11.2023
Solutions for construction site stormwater management

Solutions for construction site stormwater management

In urban areas, stormwater from construction sites can have a significant impact on the status of water bodies, and in recent years, these issues have also received some attention in Finland.  Although the duration of a single construction site is limited, the pollution from construction sites can be considered continuous, as there are construction activities practically constantly in different locations in the urban environment. The quantity and quality of stormwater runoff from construction sites varies greatly, depending on factors such as the soil, slope, weather conditions and the type of construction. Typically, the main stormwater pollutant from construction sites is suspended solids, which is many times higher than that of the finished urban area and, in some cases nutrient and pollutant concentrations may also be high. Stormwater runoff can also carry large amounts of debris from construction sites into water bodies.

The project collects information on the water quality at construction sites and the effectiveness of water management solutions through literature surveys and sampling at pilot sites. It will also investigate and develop cost-effective, feasible means of managing stormwater on different types of construction sites as well as study the impact of these means on water quality. The project will also develop solutions for self-monitoring of stormwater on construction sites to improve site water management and prevent pollution. The impact of these solutions on site water load management and their practical implementation will be evaluated on different types of sites. The project will also create common tools to help municipal and urban construction and environmental authorities to better consider construction site stormwater handling in permitting and monitoring. 

The project aims to meet the information needs of cities for use in site water guidelines, but also to raise awareness of construction companies on site water quality management.

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