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Page updated 8.1.2024
Southwest region employs

Southwest region employs

In this project we create a new kind of training model for highly educated immigrants to improve their know-how and employment opportunities. The goal is not only to make use of their existing know-how, but to create a new way to update their skills and assist in integrating them into the Finnish working life and so adding to the Finnish labour force. The long term goals are to increase immigrant education levels and employment, and support immigrant integration into Finnish society.

We will choose 60 highly educated graduates or non-graduates who have studied abroad and who will study to attain a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Bachelor of Social Services and do practical training in host companies. This is done through blended teaching, including teaching at the Loimaan evankelinen kansanopisto (Leko) and training with host companies. Each student’s studies will be will be designed in a way that takes into account their educational background and supports their studies in a flexible manner. 

The project will create a new kind of training model for highly educated immigrants. Working in the host companies throughout their studies will give the students an excellent starting point for Finnish working life and improve their chances of employment after graduation. Their preparidness for further studies also increases along with their knowledge of Finnish working life, their Finnish language skills and employability in their chosen field. Host companies will have a better understanding of immigrant needs,  as well as the skills to effectively employ immigrants. In the long run the project will have a positive impact on access to workforce and employment in the region.

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