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Page updated 16.4.2018

Marine Engineering – Cluster of Competence in Marine Engines

Marine Engineering refers to the competence and technologies regarding the propulsion system, electric machinery, heat development apparatus, control mechanisms, cargo handling equipment and related auxiliary systems of a ship or corresponding vessel. The marine engineering competence consists of several parts with no consistent entity. Along with the development of marine industry and the growth and continuity of operations, it is necessary to strengthen the competence in marine engines in Finland.

The primary objective of the project is to create a cluster of competence in marine engineering in Finland in a way that enables the operations to continue after the end of the project between the cluster and a new national association concentrating on marine engineering.

The cluster of competence integrates the marine engineering potential of businesses, higher education institutions and experts. The cluster also develops the cooperation both between companies and between higher education institutions and companies, maps out the most essential development and collaboration needs and based on them prepares a suitable development programme.