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Page updated 29.2.2024
MaMaCo – Material Management in Shipbuilding Ecosystem Co-Creation

MaMaCo – Material Management in Shipbuilding Ecosystem Co-Creation

MaMaCo Co-creation project aims to build Co-Innovation research project proposal for ship yard material management.

Research problem in practice is, material shortages and waste, production bottlenecks, and poor predictability of schedules in ship building supply network. The root causes behind these are empirically linked within the shipbuilding network to information management: the organizations' collaboration capability, the ability to dynamically learn, the ability to communicate, and, for instance, the lack of understanding regarding the impact of one's own operations on the entire ecosystem. 

The problems in material management cause significant resource wastage and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, productivity and competitiveness decrease. Co-creation project aims to build project consortium and research design to solve this. Material management and its datadriven management need to be developed so that companies within the ecosystem have the opportunity and capability to operate in line with sustainable development goals. Automatically accumulating data and indicators are needed for sustainability assessment and reporting in value network. The ecosystem's shared data management and adoption of sustainable practices as part of operational activities require incentives and motivation among network partners.