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Page updated 29.11.2021
Digital Skills - Digital Skills for Future Working Life

Digital Skills - Digital Skills for Future Working Life

The aim of the project is to develop the digital skills of the persons participating in the project’s activities, to support their opportunities for more efficient utilization of skills in working life and to improve their employability.

The aim is also to provide participants new skills on how to use digital tools and how to analyze and take advantage of the results obtained using digital tools in knowledge management, especially in the challenging situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project participants are encouraged to cooperate in comparing experiences and best practices as well as developing new solutions on this basis (for example, in the availability of services, access to services and in combining services with other actors).

The Digital Skills project consists of four workpackages:

  • WP1 Doors Open to the Digital World
  • WP2 Trainings
  • WP3 Collaboration, Digital Paths, Health Safety, and
  • WP4 Project Administration and Communication.

As a result of the project, the ability to work in digital environments has improved among those who took part in the training. Moreover, they are more able to respond to changes by using key digital tools in their own activities. They know how to use the knowledge they receive to develop their activities. Participants are able to apply their skills in a variety of practical situations so that digital and health safety skills are reflected as better and more accessible services, as well as more competitive companies, especially in industries affected by the pandemic.