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Page updated 16.11.2022
Digital Skills for Efficient Use

Digital Skills for Efficient Use

In accordance with the financier's recommendation, the project is the so-called additional funding and extension project, which technically has to be done with the help of a new project. The project plan is based on the results and experiences achieved in the Digital Skills project .

The project organizes a lot of short-term training sessions (e.g. channel selection, advertising budget optimization, campaign platforms) for the target group of the project and ensures, through the workshops in the trainings, that the knowledge obtained by studying will be used. 

The project produces training materials that will also have wider interest and relevance to the targeted companies. The material will be placed on the website of the project.
DigiRoadShow brings instant help to the targeted group. With DigiMatchmaking event longer-term benefits for the project's target group are aimed at.