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Page updated 19.1.2016

MONITOI - the well-being of employees in activity-based offices

The project investigates the transition from traditional office rooms to modern activity-based offices in organizations. The research project focuses particularly on the effects of office relocation and office design on employee well-being.

Activity-based offices are increasingly preferred to open-plan offices. An activity-based office provides alternative workspaces for different office work tasks. This office type is expected to improve privacy for concentration tasks, space efficiency and collaboration. However, the effects of activity-based offices on the well-being and performance of employees have been little researched.

The project investigates how working in activity-based offices is experienced in organizations in which the personnel is used to working in private room offices. The second aim is to find out which office design factors could improve employee well-being and performance in activity-based offices.

The project is based on surveys in two organizations who moved from private offices to activity-based offices. Similar questionnaire survey was conducted in both organizations before and after the office relocation. The questionnaire focused on the work environment (e.g. noise, thermal comfort and lighting), functionality of space (e.g. collaboration, interaction, privacy, ergonomics, support spaces) and well-being at work (e.g. job satisfaction, stress symptoms).

The results will be published in international and national scientific journals and congresses. The target groups are the users of business premises and building sector.