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Page updated 10.9.2021
Municipal business advisors supporting climate acts

Municipal business advisors supporting climate acts

The project aims to improve the environmental knowledge of business advisors and encourage businesses of these municipalities, into low carbon solutions. The project focuses on six municipalities in Southwest Finland: Naantali, Raisio, Masku, Lieto, Loimaa and Somero.

Improvement through education of the dialogue between municipalities and companies, and information sharing concerning the emission reduction methods and sustainable business models, while also encouraging joint environmental acts. In this project the novelty value is brought by recognizing business advisors as the promoters of municipal environmental work.

The project consists of three parts:

  1. Training of personnel responsible of municipal business services and business activity development, concerning low carbon, sustainable and circular economy.
  2. Training for businesses, especially businesses belonging to the SME-sector, related to reducing emissions from operations and sustainable business models.
  3. Education intent for municipal councilmen about decision-making promoting low-carbon business, circular economy and sustainable transition.

The whole project is planned based on the needs of the municipalities involved but the trainings are also open for other municipalities and companies in Southwest Finland. The trainings utilize tools and operating models created in other ongoing municipal and corporate climate work promotion projects in Southwest Finland (Kaarina’s businesses climate acts, CarbonWise, HNRY, Carbon-neutral solutions) as well as materials from the REIVI project and Motiva among others. Content is planned together with municipal business advisors.

Business training utilizes tools created in Turku AMK 6Aika: Carbonwise- project.