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Page updated 21.11.2023
Supported by Nature - nature based solution learning sites for a sustainable Baltic Sea

Supported by Nature - nature based solution learning sites for a sustainable Baltic Sea

A common challenge for the biosphere regions is the many environmental challenges facing the Baltic Sea, and the subsequent need for increased ocean literacy* among local citizens and stakeholders. There is also a need to increase the understanding of how nature-based solutions can be applied to address societal challenges and simultaneously benefiting people and nature.

The aim of the project is to increase the understanding of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and how they contribute to improved environmental conditions for the Baltic Sea with the long-term goal that a better knowledge foundation will lead to more frequent and adequate use of NBS in planning processes, as well as land- and seascape management.

During the project, a number of NBS Learning Sites will be developed particularly focused on NBS connected to Multifunctional Wetlands, Coastal Water Habitats, and Watercourse Restoration. In Finland, the activities focus on Archipelago Sea Biosphere reserve and from NBS the multifunctional and pike wetlands are concentrated on. The project will pilot 1) Methods of establishing NBS Learning Sites through collaborative multi-stakeholder approaches (learning by doing), and 2) Methods to increase understanding of NBS through activities at Learning Sites (learning by experiencing).

The target group is biosphere reserves (BRs) in the Baltic Sea Region since their mission is to develop sustainable solutions, they are involving a broad spectra of local stakeholders to enhance sustainability, and they have capacity to increase ocean literacy but are in need of areas for demonstration and knowledge generation. As end users of the project output, BRs ensure its durability. 

* Ocen literacy means the understanding of the ocean’s influence on people and people's influence on the ocean.

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