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Page updated 9.6.2020


ACTIVAGE is a H2020 Large Scale Pilot funded project with duration of 42 months. It is one of the flagship projects of EU. The main coordinator is Spanish Medtronic and partners are 49 in total. The Finnish consortium consists of SE Innovations, TUAS, Goodlife Technology and eHoiva.

ACTIVAGE core is the facilitation of 6000 testbeds that will be organized in 9 different pilots in 7 different countries. The testbeds will be equipped with different IoT equipment, sensors etc. The IoT equipment collects data, measures and supervises the users (mainly elderly) functioning, daily activity and rehabilitation development. Different pilots cover different use cases. Finnish pilot will focus on rehabilitation, exergaming and sustaining physical functioning.

In the later parts of the project additional IoT technology providers are allowed to join the created IoT-ecosystem.