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Page updated 10.5.2017
Wireless for Verticals (WIVE)

Wireless for Verticals (WIVE)

The wireless landscape will transform in the coming years. For instance, in 2020 wireless traffic is expected to increase a thousand-fold compared to 2010. Especially consumed video content is congesting current mobile networks. The media environment is changing and affecting business models for broadcasters, broadcast network operators (BNO), mobile network manufacturers, and mobile network operators (MNO). The number of wireless connected devices is expected to grow tremendously with some predictions going up to 50 billion connected devices. Scalability and support for a wide-range of various requirements will be essential for future wireless infrastructure in order to support use cases (both from the wide-range of supported applications point of view and varying traffic demands).

The technical focus of this project is therefore on 5G as well as a bit on evolution of earlier connectivity technologies. A central element here is to focus on vertical sectors that will benefit from the vision and its realization via 5G. The vertical sectors present in the project are media & entertainment and machine-type connectivity for industry, including ultra reliable low latency and massive machine type connectivity.

The project will develop future radio technology and study its application for verticals by setting up use cases, scenarios and requirements for the technology as well as via testing. Testing and trialing of the technology will happen in test facilities provided by 5G Test Network Finland as well as in the testbeds from the consortium.