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Page updated 3.5.2024
GeoICT4e - Social innovations in Geo-ICT education at Tanzanian HEIs for improved employability

GeoICT4e - Social innovations in Geo-ICT education at Tanzanian HEIs for improved employability

The Finnish Ministry of Forein Affairs has awarded the GeoICT4e project almost 2 million EUR of funding for a period of four years. Three Finnish HEIs will together with five Tanzanian HEIs develop and implement a new innovative way of teaching geospatial-ICT technologies to students in Tanzania. The aim is to both improve the employability of the young, as well as indirectly provide the country with a skilled work force able to solve the future problem in the geospatial field.

The project focuses on improving management and teaching capacities of Tanzanian HEIs in socially innovative geospatial and ICT education. The project aims to improve both staff competence and students' learning opportunities, as well as creating open and wide access to e-learning assets for the students and beyond.

The central vehicle for education transformation in GeoICT4e is the students' multicompetence learning (MCL) process, which happens via co-creative challenge campaigns organized in close cooperation with the innovation ecosystem actors and problem owners. This methodology enables HEIs to catalyse a change.

New generation geospatial and ICT graduates need to be competent with digital data and tools in the dynamically evolving interface between technologies' potential and societies' emerging needs. When students obtain relevant skills and professional confidence, they become future solution providers for an increasing amount of spatial problems in the developing countries.

The Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument (HEI ICI) supports cooperation projects between higher education institutions in Finland and the developing world. The projects support the HEIs as they develop their subject-specific, methodological, educational and administrative capacity. The programme is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and administered by the Finnish National Agency for Education