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Page updated 10.3.2014


The international research project aims to open up geo-data for innovative services and user applications towards Smart Cities. GeoSmartCity establishes a cross-platform, re-usable and open hub able to publish open geographic information and provide specialised services based on open standards’ services protocols. Starting with the availability of open geographic information through open standards, the hub offers the possibility to integrate them with other public/private data in order to design the specialised services needed to implement the addressed Smart City scenarios: Green Energy and Underground.

TUAS will participate in the GeoSmartCity project as a demonstrator of the re-usable cross-platform toolkit for sample pilot scenarios. TUAS will utilise open geo-information provided by national public and private actors and will demonstrate how open geo-information can be utilised in cooperation with national and international partners.

The pilot will be carried out by TUAS utilising 3D visualisation in combination with open and restricted data promoting citizens’ interest in using renewable energy and reducing emissions within the city:
1) The pilot combines air quality information from open data sets and mobile or movable sensors
2) 3D visualisation of air quality information, enabling smart and healthy route selection.