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Page updated 15.9.2020
Multicomponent Materials Centre of Expertise for Additive Manufacturing (MMAM)

Multicomponent Materials Centre of Expertise for Additive Manufacturing (MMAM)

The advent of additive manufacturing (generally known as 3D printing) will require different design and technical competencies from those used today. Production methods are changing, as is the need for digital products and replicas. From the industries’ point of view, a key issue is to educate competent professionals (undergraduates AND those already in the workforce) with expertise in the new manufacturing methods.

The Multicomponent Materials Centre of Expertise for Additive Manufacturing (MMAM) will establish and define the Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) and partners as forerunners in the field of biomaterials science and its application in additive manufacturing. This will inherently strengthen the regional and national business competitiveness, while contributing to capacity building in the area.

The MMAM Centre of Expertise specifically aims to strengthen, combine and enhance regional collaboration and excellence in the fields of additive manufacturing, medicine, dentistry, drug delivery and biomaterials through the creation of an RDI (Research, Development & Innovation) collaboration platform.

TUAS will combine traditional manufacturing skills with additive manufacturing, chemical engineering and dental technology, in cooperation with partners from the University of Turku and Åbo Akademy University. The combined knowledge will promote the development and research of new material combinations and 3D production processes (including initial product design) that will benefit the large ecosystem of regional HEIs and industrial partners.

With investments in equipment, research and innovation resources, this project will increase national and international competitiveness of collaborative enterprises through new and innovative production materials and new expertise in 3D printing, while enhancing the profile of the region.

The established RDI collaboration will also play a crucial role when creating the practises, working methods, roles and processes for the MMAM Centre of Expertise and form a strong foundation for continuous development and cooperation.