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Page updated 27.11.2023
Multi-skilled Librarians

Multi-skilled Librarians

Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment (SECLE) finances training aimed at those in work and those outside the labor force, which complements the basic funding in the education system and other existing training offerings. The training is aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge in the library field. The training is suitable for e.g. for people who are looking for new career paths in the library sector or who need professional updating. Some of the training places have been reserved, e.g. for those who completed Diploma in Business and Administration (merkonomi) before 2002, who completed elementary or general education, or who are otherwise in a weak labor market position.

The project started in December 2022 and will continue until February 2025. The education period starts in January 2023 and will last one year. Those working in the library needs additional training in pedagogical skills, digital skills, copyright issues, communication, event production, library work for children and young people, and occupational well-being. Multiculturalism is present in the library and the practices of open science should be known in the library. The training focuses on these issues.

The scope of the education is 35 ECTS. The studies are divided in such a way that 20 ECTS are completed during the spring and 15 ECTS during the autumn. After completing these courses, students are eligible to apply to study Bachelor of Business Administration, Library and information services, degree. 

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