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Page updated 13.10.2020
Motti - indoor environment and wellbeing in offices

Motti - indoor environment and wellbeing in offices

OBJECTIVES The aim is to create scientific research data on modern offices, their physical conditions, and the impact of the conditions on the well-being of employees, to promote the export business of Finnish companies. Physical conditions include e.g. acoustics, the thermal environment, efficient use of space and the floor plans of the premises. Well-being refers to e.g. satisfaction with the environment, stress, working efficiency, peaceful working conditions and the compliance of the workspace with the task. 

METHODS. Work package WP1 includes three laboratory tests. WP2 covers an extensive epidemiological study on employees, a field study on thermal satisfaction and longitudinal studies on the change processes of offices. Based on WP1 and WP2, WP3 will produce uncomplicated instructions, solution models and result presentations. 

RESULTS. The results of the project will be public after the project’s completion, when all interested parties will be able to utilize them. The results will be scientific and uncomplicated publications, concise result presentations aimed at companies and innovative solutions. WP1 will produce knowledge on how room acoustics, the sound insulation of workspaces and the thermal conditions and draught impact well-being. WP2 will produce the knowledge on which factors in offices impact well-being, how can individual thermal satisfaction be predicted and how adding telephone booths, improving the air conditioning and room acoustics and changes in the efficient use of space and the office layout affect well-being. WP3 will produce uncomplicated summaries, instructions and models to be utilized by product manufacturers, facility planners and users in business operations. 

IMPLEMENTING PARTY. The project is carried out by the multidisciplinary research group on the Built Environment at Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2020–2022. Besides this public project, three independent company-led research projects are carried out. Two tasks of MOTTI are carried out in cooperation with a foreign university. The project utilizes the competence obtained through an international network of office researchers.