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Page updated 9.6.2020


EntreFox project promotes entrepreneurship of people over the age of 55 not only nationally but also internationally through international co-operation. The productivity and well-being of entrepreneurs is strengthened by promoting lifelong learning and active aging. Moreover, the productivity and competitiveness of businesses are strengthened by increasing entrepreneurs' digital and entrepreneurial skills. During the project, measures will be taken especially in Southwest Finland and in the region of Uusimaa, but long-term impacts will be visible throughout Finland.

The objectives of the EntreFox project are:

1. Promote the health and well-being of entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs over the age of 55
2. Strengthen the entrepreneurial skills, competences and culture of experimentation of entrepreneurs over the age of 55
3. Implement "Yrittäjän Polkuja" (Paths of Entrepreneurs) service for identifying skills and evaluating development needs of entrepreneurs over the age of 55
4. Increase international co-operation with Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania

The project targets are achieved through five measures:

1. Supporting the active aging of entrepreneurs, focusing on supporting active and skilled entrepreneurship and maintaining the health of aging entrepreneurs.
2. Supporting lifelong learning and the development of digital competences, focusing on supporting digitalization and work processes as well as promoting entrepreneurship of over 55-year-olds with foreign background.
3. Increasing international co-operation and utilizing both national and international networks in testing and disseminating the results.
4. Evaluating the impact of measures on target companies and utilizing the results when implementing the "Yrittäjän Polkuja" (Paths of Entrepreneurs) service.
5. Ensuring the effectiveness of the measures through efficient project coordination and actively communicating the goals, events and results throughout the project, widely utilizing different communication channels.