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Page updated 14.12.2015
Earning Logic and Models for Artists (TaideART)

Earning Logic and Models for Artists (TaideART)

The importance of creative industries has been clearly emphasized during the contemporary economic transition. Using the knowledge, products and services provided by creative industries has become a significant competitive factor in many fields of business. Art making and creative processes are not directly linked to the skills required when one wants to productize and market one’s art, or apply functioning models and practices. However, these skills are an essential prerequisite for success in the field of fine arts, but they can be acquired only after the basic artistic skills have been assumed. Earning Logic and Models for Artists (TaideART) is a joint project of six Finnish universities of applied sciences. During the project, the partners will develop and pilot various ways of making successful business models and products out of artistic work. The pilots will be executed in cooperation with working life, involving businesses, municipalities and NGOs, and with different branches of art. 

The main objectives of the TaideART project

1. To apply the results from the needs analysis conducted by Cupore in order to support the development of professional skills and education of artists.
2. To create a functioning cooperation network of businesses, communities and universities of applied sciences providing education in fine arts. 
3. To create tools that support the artist in defining his/her position in working life

TaideART Working Packages

The project is divided in six working packages. Each package contains planning, development, education and piloting.  Each partner organisation is responsible for the execution of one working package:

1. From Art to Business
2. The Communication Tools and Methods for Artists
3. Business Skills a.k.a. This is how I can earn with my art
4. Digital Solutions and Skills
5. New Roles of an Artist
6. Client Based Artistic Work

Expected Results of TaideART

The results of the TaideART project will give models and tools for artists to improve their possibilities to earn their livelihood with art. Current UAS education will be modernised through the cooperation of UASs, artists from various art fields and participating businesses. In addition, the cooperation will increase art students’ networks in working life already during their studies and embed the business economic skills as an integral part of the artistic training in all levels of UAS education in the participating educational institutions (basic studies, continuing education and UAS’ Master’s degree education).