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Page updated 19.1.2024

Nepal Way to a Sustainable Transformational Educational Programme (NEWSTEP)

The aim of the project is to develop the online teaching competencies of the partner HEIs in Nepal and facilitate the design and implementation of new online teaching and assessment skills and methods through innovation pedagogical approach and competences framework. 

One focus of the project is introducing the pedagogical approach to teachers’ and students’ new roles in work and study. The developed competencies through the pedagogical approach will be critical in designing the pilot course at each HEI and subsequent academic years following the project. 

The project gives both theory and practice related to teaching experience, approaches to learning, views on changing the learning culture, and working with different stakeholders. Participating Nepalese teachers will choose a specific theme or an area of their own teaching that they want to develop. Making the relevant theoretical materials openly available, sharing the awareness of the new roles and pedagogical approach to other teachers is an essential part of the project.

As part of the project,  new teaching tools in the online learning environment, tools for collaborative learning, and selecting educational technology for own online course will be explored at the partner institutions. 

During the project,  cooperation schemes will be developed through creating an engaging portal for potential partners; use of innovation pedagogy methodology and orientation towards student-centric learning practice.

Moreover, the project also aims to bring concepts and practices of United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals at the core of the curriculum, in connection to sustainable objectives in Nepal, and give an important role to sustainability as a competence. The key focus area is the enhancement of sustainability oriented strategy at HEIs while ensures equality in society. These will be done by formulating explicit sustainable objectives, ensuring effectiveness in sustainable strategy and ensuring integration and effectiveness of the sustainability strategy through initiatives supported by the curriculum, course activities and local eco-system initiatives.

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