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Page updated 19.9.2017
DefenceArch - Footprints of Defence in the Archipelago

DefenceArch - Footprints of Defence in the Archipelago

The objective of the project:

The overall objective is to develop existing, though almost untapped defence historical resources of the Gålö seal station, the Bomarsund fortress, the southern cape of Örö Island and Korpoström  Archipelago Centre into appealing and sustainable destinations by increasing the awareness and experience value.

The outputs of the project are:

1. Digital outputs to stimulate visits, to help to plan the trip and to enrich the experience (e.g. story-rich videos, mobile tourist guide).

2. The accessibility of all pilot destinations is improved after designing a more seamless service chain covering pre-visit, on-site visit and post-visit service, e.g. by removing accessibility obstacles, improving signs, routes, safety and information of the services. Two totally new attractions – Gålö seal station and the southern cape of Örö Island – are opened for the public after renovation of rundown buildings and constructions.

3. Environmentally sustainable solutions are developed e.g. regarding renovations of old structures. Aspects of cultural and environmental sustainability are also embedded in the digital outputs.

4. Cross-border tour suggestions for chosen target groups are created and marketed.

5. A virtual publication of the best practices is summarized in order to exploit the results of the project.