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Page updated 8.11.2016

We are! Responsible internationalization

The purpose of the project is to develop the internationality competences and international abilities of the students at Turku and Satakunta universities of applied sciences, and the regional and national cooperation in education in the organizational and educational sector.

The We are! project brings close themes, often considered distant, through courses and student events. The project partners include TUAS, its Student Union TUO, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and its student union SAMMAKKO, and as partner organizations Turku Chamber of Commerce, Green Living Movement Suomi ry, Finnish Refugee Council and the Fairtrade Support Group of TUAS (Rekka).

Through student events, the project creates a channel of internationalization at home for Finnish students and for exchange students, an opportunity to get to know local students better. The events are casual, joint pastime, but at the same time, global responsibility and the themes of development cooperation are handled and thoughts provoked.
Questions like how internationality helps students in the labour market and why globally responsible activities are important and worthwhile are contemplated on through links to different courses.